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CD Review: U2 “No Line On The Horizon”

As U2 enters their 30th year of making music together, and as they release their 13th full length album in that time span, you might expect to find the band resting on their laurels. After all, they have sold millions upon millions of albums. They have made millions upon millions of dollars. They have been loved (and scorned) by critics, and have developed one of the most loyal fan bases ever in rock and roll. So maybe it’s time to go The Rolling Stones rout and become largely an oldies band. After all they would still be revered and loved by their faithful fans, and they could make an easy buck with the huge song catalog they have. I mean, who doesn’t love the Stones, even though we’ve all heard “Satisfaction” 50,000 times? And although I’m sure U2 will include a number of older songs on their set lists of their upcoming world tour, “No Line On The Horizon” is an extremely strong album that is sure to have many of it’s songs find their way on to those set lists.