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Hop On In and Let’s Go For a Ride! This is Rock and Roll Report Podcast #67!

Hop on in and make sure you turn the stereo up nice and loud for Kendra!

We are back with another healthy dose of great rock and roll for those of you hungry for more after our record 25 song podcast last week. This week is part 2 of our look back at 2009 as we prime ourselves for another year of amazing rock and roll here at the Rock and Roll Report Podcast. Next week I settle down and revert to my usual 10 song, 45 minute length but for this week, here is another extended shot of rock and roll fun.
As usual you have a wide range of styles from a wider range of bands and artists who are either unsigned or are signed to independent record labels. If you like what you hear please consider supporting these bands in a tangible way by buying their music, going to their shows and buying their merch.

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Artists and Bands

Intense Nick Meets up with Sweden’s Paperback Freud

PF Logo 300Paperback Freud is a five piece rock n roll machine that hails from Stockholm Sweden, with a notoriously explosive live show and one simple vision: to make the best damn rock n roll ever! Up to now they have played and been on the line up with acts like: Nazareth, Sebastian Bach, DAD, Girlschool, Cathedral, Kamelot, Jorn, Sabaton, Meldrum, Crucified Barbara, Mustach, Hellfueled, Freak Kitchen, Pleymo.

As you probably know Paperback Freud are from Sweden and that they have been mentioned here by Mark Boudreau. I agree with Mark all the way in his opinions, Paperback Freud are scorching hot Rock’n’Roll at its finest, played with more than enough love and vigour to make it glow and burn through anything as it flows. Watch out for their album ‘All in a days work’ as this is a must for any true Rock fan, it is
now on release go to ( to get yourself a copy.

Check out Paperback Freud at or

The band plays with great love and understanding of their high energy Rock’n’Roll, which is played with enough vigor to uplift anything. I am truly smitten with them already, they are so damn infectious. The band took some time out of their busy schedule to chat with me a bit about what they have been up to and what is to come.

Rock and Roll Report TV

Rock and Roll Report TV: Paperback Freud “Devil Man”

Rock and Roll Report TV

Rock and Roll Report TV – Paperback Freud – Kate

Paperback Freud are a great band from Sweden who have consistently rocked my boat since I first heard them about 6 months ago. Kate was played on this week’s podcast.


Rock and Roll Report Podcast #8: More Rock and Roll For Thirsty Ears

Well this week’s Rock and Roll Report Podcast is chock full of rock and roll goodness as we stagger around the United States for our tunes with a brief stopover in Stockholm, Sweden. All the bands played are either unsigned or on an indie label and are in my opinion sadly neglected by commercial rock radio so if you like what you hear please buy their music, see their shows and drop comments on their websites to support them.

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Here is what I played:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. 20 to 12 by Watts
  3. Rock ‘n Roll by The Hot Rocks
  4. 30 Seconds by The Erotics
  5. Raise It Up the Flagpole by Paperback Freud
  6. Backing Down by Punchface
  7. The Runaways by The Armed Forces
  8. All Together Now by The GoStation
  9. One Beer by the Black Angel Band
  10. Rock and Roll Report Outro by Featured on Fridays

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The next Rock and Roll Report Podcast will be released March 12, 2008.



WATTS: One Below The All Time LowTHE EROTICS: 30 Seconds Over You
PUNCHFACE: A Different Kind Of FameTHE GOSTATION: Passion Before FunctionBLACK ANGEL: O' California