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Rock and Roll Report TV: “The Changing Man” by Paul Weller

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CD Review: Paul Weller – Weller at The BBC (Yep Roc)

You might ask yourself why a fan of an artist with a relatively decent amount of legally released live CDs to his credit would need to purchase a box set of BBC live documents encompassing the past ten years or so. To be honest, I don’t have an answer for you. The only thing I know is I am a fan of the great Mod God Paul Weller and as soon as I heard this stuff was going to be released I was overjoyed. My reaction was puzzling even to myself. I listen to the various live CDs Weller has put out quite often and I attend his concerts when he is in the area and it is not like I am unfamiliar with his live work. And it’s not like he has this legendary live concert “thing” happening like The Grateful Dead, Phish or Widespread Panic. While he does have the ingenuity to vary his songs up from gig to gig and make each live show special, it is not what he is especially known for and not his stock-in-trade in the least. What is Weller’s stock in trade are his songs – songs with the power to transcend their arrangements, whether they be hushed, acoustic and heartfelt or pure animalistic, electric anthems. Weller can do it all, and why his fans are rabid over any scrap of music the man releases.