The good, the bad and the commercial at Vans Warped Tour

For years I have been hearing complaints about the commercialism of the Vans Warped Tour and this year, I got to see it for myself. Having been to the very first Warped Tour here in Montreal, I initially found it very difficult to believe what people were saying; the Warped Tour I went to as a kid was all about skateboarding, good music and, of course, Vans showing off its products, which people barely knew about at the time, but there was nothing overt or pushy about it. If you liked something they had in stock, you could buy it, but no one was forcing anything down your throat.

Artists and Bands

RockAngel’s Weekly Radar – Daniel Wesley Band

daniel-welseyThis week, RockAngel’s Weekly Radar brings you Daniel Wesley Band, hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. But if they never told you that, you would be adamant that they were from Hawaii or some SoCal beach city. Their sound is a mix of Pepper and Pearl Jam…and their songs fit equally into a summer beach day (“Johnny” from Outlaw) as they do into a smoky dive bar (“Pony” from Sing + Dance).

Their debut album Outlaw from 2006 definitely has a laid-back Jack Johnson kind of influence, but trust me, they bring a lot more energy to their live show than Jack ever has. Although…trying to pinpoint the feel of that album is difficult as at anytime they’ll throw you for a loop and kick it into a southern rock style as they do on “RockSteady”. This was a great start, but the album got little recognition and was barely a blip in the musical scene.