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The Rock and Roll Report Band Of The Week is “Ashtray”

ashtray front line 300The compelling blend of Ashtray’s melodic hard rock fused with straight edge metal has brought a new era to the creative force of their musical composition. Originating from Quebec City and now residing in Montreal.

Ashtray have taken over the underground alternative / metal scene and displayed a loyal following after releasing their debut album “End This” in 2007.

Gaining momentum for their signature sound of pulsating guitar crunches, hammering drums and catchy vocals. Ashtray are breaking the walls down one brick at a time with their upcoming and self produced EP “Sessions”.

Be ready for Ashtray!

Shaz : What’s the name of your band and what’s the origin of that name?

Ashtray: We are Ashtray and the story behind the name is…well it`s quite long story but I`ll try to make it short. After a band meeting, we had come up with a bunch of name on a list, but all of them were pretty shitty (such as Gain, Direct Thumb, Probe, The She male was Pregnant…just to name a few), but we were going over them and arguing over them while sipping a few drinks and everybody was going in a opposite direction. But at that time Dom, our singer, was going out with a girl from the US and we wanted to teach her the word ashtray in French (because we are francophone) cause she was asking for it all the time. So after repeating it a million times Ian (guitar player) got a vision about the band being named Ashtray…not because of its meaning but basically how it`s pronounced, he said : “ Imagined a big crowd screaming ASH TRAY ASH TRAY ASH TRAY” and we all said….That would be totally insane!!.  So that`s the story behind it but I did spare a few undisclosed details, in fact the whole process took the whole evening!!!