At the end of the day, it’s all about the love and passion for the ravishing Ravishers

Portland, Oregon’s Ravishers are a mature band that delivers catchy and happy tracks; its members sure know how to put their talents to good use.  As their songs build to a climax, one can easily get carried away. I find that most of their songs always provide a positive energy, and their lyrics are worth listening to as they can make you reflect on your own life experiences. The piece Nobody Falls in Love Anymore is my favourite one off the album: it has the melody, the lyrics, and the perfect rhythmic elements that attract you in and make you think about love in the society of today. Overall, their new self-titled album, Ravishers, is filled with creative and enthusiastic tracks that remind listeners of the Californian sun. I recently had a chance to chat with writer/frontman Dominic Castillo…