Made in Sweden: Swedmetal Records Revive Rock n’ Roll, One Band at a Time

Swedmetal Records LogoThis is one record label that has certainly not followed a conventional path to success. For one it began as a shop – yes, an online metal shop called Swedmetal Rock Shop ( “It grew very quick and became one of the leading independent web shops with over 15.000 articles in stock,” recounts founder Mike of the company’s roots.  “After just a month in business the first bands started to get in touch asking us to sell their demos, CDs and stuff,” he continues, but it wasn’t until 2004 that they really began to dabble in recording. That year “we got offered to release a fantastic live recording with Old Heroes 220 Volt, which was quite big during the early 90´s. We gave it a shot and after that it just went on: more bands got in touch, and we helped them to get out an album,” says Mike.

Since then, Swedmetal have made it their business to help talented acts from the realms of Sleaze, Glam and Rock n’ Roll to get their music to the world. Along the way they’ve made every opportunity a learning experience: “Today, we probably wouldn’t have released some of the stuff since we didn’t at the time know how to sell some of it,” admits Mike and explaining further adds, “We know how to sell Rock n’ Roll, not Death Metal or industrial stuff – we learnt.”