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Redlight release Astronauts on 21/01/2013

AstronautsThe mainstream music world seems to be driven or at least shaped by the multimedia industry more and more as it is shaped by the entertainment industry while it progresses into modern times. Due to this, everything needs a genre label to allow it to slip into a specific category for ease of labelling. Life is rarely that black and white so what we end up with is a vast pile of artists who get tagged with a variety of labels. I could ramble on endlessly on this subject, as there are so many good examples of this in the television, movie, and music world. This article is about just one band and their forthcoming release  that is such a fine example of a musical crossover which creates a musical fusion which is both unique and magnificent. I have introduced you to this band called Redlight before and they have this exceptional new album release which is due to be released on the 21st of January 2013. The first time that I covered and interviewed Redlight was way back in February 2010, this article can be found Here


Intense Nick Runs with Redlight

In January 2007, after living for 5 years in London UK, a Frenchman named Londres returned back to his hometown Marseille with the idea of developing writing songs for a new project called RedLight,

Redlight gather all the influences of the music Londres loves going from electro through rock to hip hop. He started writing songs and Dapé, a great friend, came along to be a complete part of the writing and developing of RedLight. , a drummer called Guy also joined. Guy also used to write with Londres for Interstellar Wave Watchers. Guy also took a major part for the creation of the album.