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CD Review: Renegade Ride – Dream Machine

dream machineThis album is yet another excellent example of an independent rocking band recording an inspiring and timeless classic album, once again, the more I hear this, the more I want. This is not greed, I just know what I like and man I do like Renegade Ride so so much. Once again they join the infinite rank of inspiring and as yet unsung heroes in the progression of hard edged full on Rock’n’Roll.

The album starts with ’Stars’, a great flowing song with real strong choruses that lead you into the colour and feel of the album, changing tempo and gaining weight close to the end of the song.

’Dream Machine’ is next, flowing harmonies and ripping riffage with just enough feeling of angst to give this track a truly great edge. The angst never reaches anger, just at the turning point it harmonises and flows joyfully towards the next heavyweight crescendo.


Rock and Roll Report Podcast #59 – Saying Goodbye to Summer…

by the poolOn this week’s Rock and Roll Report Podcast we survey a rock and roll buffet overloaded with goodies. From heavier stuff to electronica twinged rock to jam bands and the blues we have what ails ya!

It is sad that in this part of the world we are saying goodbye to summer and hello fall but really, isn’t summer just s state of mind? OK I am getting delusional as I could never convince myself of that while shoveling snow off my car in February so let’s just allow these great tracks from bands and artists who are either unsigned or signed to smaller indie record labels entertain us with their amazing music.

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This is what I played this week. If you like what you hear please click on the appropriate link and support that band or artist!

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Electric by Lost Without Cause– Buy at Lost Without Cause - Write Your Own Ending / Electric - Single - Electric
  3. Junkie Girlfriend by Limozine– Buy at Limozine - Car Crash Casino - Junkie Girlfriend
  4. Solar by The Black Cherry Group
  5. Stars by Renegade Ride– Buy at Renegade Ride - Dream Machine - Stars
  6. Interstellar by Zagnutt
  7. Behind Every Set by The Freddie Long Band– Buy at The Freddie Long Band - Strangers and Friends - Behind Every Set
  8. No Longer Mulling by The Foyer– Buy it at The Foyer - The Foyer: A Sampler - No Longer Mulling
  9. Doorman by Halo Stereo– Buy it at Halo Stereo - The Invisible War - Doorman
  10. Too Hard Too Cold by The Tender Box– Buy it at The Tender Box - EP1 - Too Hard Too Cold
  11. Coming Back Around by Bernadette Sebastiani
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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The Rock and Roll Report Band Of the Week is Renegade Ride

renegade ride 300Sometimes grinding hard, but not metal. Partly soft, but not pop. A bit unpredictable, but not too progressive. Renegade Ride – an independent modern rock band with a twist.

Good songs are what music is all about and that’s what we strive for!

I guess there is a story behind Renegade Ride – the bigger, better and meaner version of the group formerly known as The Ride. The band was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2005. After drifting through space and time for some years, line-up changes, writing quality material and working hard, Renegade Ride is now emerging stronger and harder than ever – ready to blow your mind.