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Scott Gets Jazzy With Reverend Organdrum and His Hi Fi Stereo

reverend-organdrum.jpgReverend Organdrum – Hi Fi Stereo
Yep Roc

Let me tell you, I am just a pure fiend for organ trio records. Even before I started delving deeply into jazz a few years ago the sound of the Hammond organ has held a certain sway over me. I am not really sure what it is about it that makes me swoon but I love it and when I started collecting jazz records in the recent past I immediately started picking up whatever I could find by originators and innovators Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, Larry Young and a host of other organists who took the organ and turned it into one of the most popular instruments in jazz. The common sub-genre of jazz these kinds of artists and their records fall under is known as “groove jazz”. Needless to say, my collection of these types of records has swelled beyond my original expectations and groove jazz is my newest musical weakness. Whenever I come upon these records I just have to buy them.

How fantastic it was for me when I recently discovered one of my favorite psychobilly artists Reverend Horton Heat has just put out one of these kinds of records. Though I should have seen it coming as all psychobilly bands are devotees of ’50’s rockabilly and rockabilly is only a short space of time previous to the ascent of the popularity of groove jazz, which started itself in the ’50’s but didn’t gain its’ real peak of popularity until the mid-60’s up to about 1972 or so. I am guessing Reverend Heat wore out all of his rockabilly records, decided to check out a couple of jazz discs and fell in love with what he heard. It’s not really that farfetched, is it? I mean, it happened to me!