Rock and Roll Report Podcast #22 – I’m Rockin’n In The Rain

I felt like a race car driver waiting for the weather to clear recording this week’s podcast as torrential downpours prevented me from starting recording due to the racket of thunder and rain pelting down on the roof! Luckily the weather finally let up to allow me to squeeze in a show this week.

This week’s podcast features only one band not from North America (and they’re from Sweden of course) but the sound and attitude are universal. From the sleazy hard rock of Down on Me to the sad, classic ballad of Goodbye this week’s show rocks from beginning to end.

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And please don’t play the podcast too loud as I don’t want it to cause you to indulge in some binge drinking. Ah what the hell, turn it up!

This is what I played:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays (Miami, USA)
  2. Down On Me by Starewell (Calgary, Canada)
  3. Red Letter Day by Save Pluto (New York, USA)
  4. Heart Attacks Make Happy Endings by Sophmore Jakes (Lethbridge/Fort McLeod, Canada)
  5. My Date With Andrea Nice by the Dress Whites (Toronto/Montreal, Canada)
  6. Your Breaking Down by Danny Echo (Vancouver, Canada)
  7. Baby Baby Baby EndeverafteR (Los Angeles, USA)
  8. Bad Rain in Texas by B-Movie Rats (Los Angeles. USA)
  9. Recent Stranger by Crop Circle (Vancouver, Canada)
  10. Ten Years by Bombshell Rocks (Vasteras, Sweden)
  11. Goodbye by 16 Second Stare (Florida, USA)
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays
  13. SAVE PLUTO: Age Of Lowered ExpectationsTHE DRESS WHITES: My God, The Shame!
    THE B-MOVIE RATS: Radio SuicideCROP CIRCLE: Come Inside