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A Interview with Ivan Gospich of Management Company Mandatory Music Group

Here at the Rock and Roll Report we feel it important to not only highlight amazing bands and labels but also people involved in all aspects of the music biz. Whether it be management or promotional companies, club owners, web 2.0 pioneers or media people, we hope these features give musicians the benefit of some free advice by people in the rock biz trenches.

Today we speak to Ivan Gospich of management firm Mandatory Music Group about music management, artist development and when a band should start considering hiring management.

copy-of-mandatory-records-webRRR: How long has the Mandatory Music Group been in the business?

Mandatory Music Group officially launched in October 2008.

RRR: Where are you located?

San Jose, CA (USA)

RRR: What are some of the services you offer through the company?

Artist development, production/recording, marketing and management.

RRR: How are you different from other management companies out there?

We focus on nurturing the talents of the musicians we choose to represent, instead of trying to mold them into something we think the main stream will like and buy. When all is said and done, it truly is all about the music, not personalities.

RRR: Are there specific people you are looking for that can use your services? (Do you only accept certain people? Or if they can pay, you’ll take anyone on as a client?)

Our mission is to help great original rock artists who exhibit musicianship and meaningful messages in their music, get heard! We accept music submissions and only take on artists that we believe in.