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CD Review: Remember Jones “Tranquilizer!”

New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Anthony D’Amato spent a lot of time on stage. Some of that time on stage was included in the Asbury Park production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch where D’Mato portrayed Hedwig himself. Taking that theatrical experience, which also includes recreating an album from Amy Winehouse live in concert as well as other projects, D’Mato took his experience and created a new persona: Remember Jones.

Remember Jones started creating a style that was reminiscent of Las Vegas-type concert experiences. That included an orchestra containing 25 pieces. In fact, the entire experience worked so well that the first album from Remember Jones entitled “Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones!” was created live in concert. And with that album being as big as it was, a new EP was created. The newly-released 5-song EP is entitled Tranquilizer!

Tranquilizer! from Remember Jones begins with the title track of the release. As the song starts off the EP, the track itself feels very much like the first track of a concert or stage show. The upbeat Soul music that fills the track to overflowing brings to mind such Soul artists such as James Brown or Wayne Cochran. The energetic music is perfect for getting people out of the seats and dancing in the aisles. “Tranquilizer” feels as much retro as it does current with today’s artists that are keeping the spirit of Soul music alive.

The next song on the EP from Remember Jones is the song “The Stormy Suite”. The track begins with a rather strong introduction before the band slows the music down features a musical approach that will remind many listeners of the sixties/seventies era of the band Blood, Sweat and Tears. My initial reaction to the track was how much the track reminds me of the version of “God Bless the Child” by Blood, Sweat and Tears from back in 1969 as it contains that type of vibe, but the track has many more to offer as Remember Jones and the orchestra change things up for one second to the next. “The Stormy Suite” has to be one of the strongest tracks on the album because of the various directions the orchestra takes throughout the track.

With the next track, the band changes things up just a little bit. The track “You’ve Got that Something” is pure seventies fun as Remember Jones and the orchestra create music that is part Soul music, part Disco. In fact, the track feels so much like something from the seventies, you can almost imagine Disco goddess herself Donna Summer being the one singing the female lead to the track. “You Got that Something” has such a strong Disco vibe that it would have been completely right at home during the seventies or even during the late nineties Disco revival. And while the band creates a Disco feel to the track, the inclusion of the horns gives the track even more depth. “You Got that Something” could easily be a radio hit today as it’s the most radio-friendly track on the release.

Remember Jones takes the music back into a more Rock ‘n’ Roll/Soul direction with the song “Don’t Put Me on Hold”. In a song that really wraps up the feel of the ear of the cell phone, the track “Don’t Put Me on Hold” is a track that has the singer wondering just why it is he hasn’t heard from his special someone. The Rock and Roll feel of the song comes with a driving beat that keeps the listener tapping along to track.

The new EP of Tranquilizer! from Remember Jones comes to a close with the track “Why Don’t They Cry?” The track slows down the pace of the music of the release for the final track. The song about why people don’t seem to react to the sadness that surrounds them features music with a very strong Soul influence to it. The track seems to bring the listener back in time to the sixties or seventies when Soul music was at its height. “Why Don’t They Cry?” is as solid a Soul track as you can get.

Tranquilizer! from Anthony D’Mato’s Remember Jones is a short but solid release of five tracks that focus on Soul music while the different styles of the musical genre helps to keep the release fresh throughout the twenty minutes of music. Though rather short, the five tracks on Tranquilizer! make the EP very strong.

Tranquilizer Album Art.cdr

The new release of Tranquilizer! from Anthony D’Mato’s Remember Jones will be released July 21, 2017. Keep an eye on the band’s website for more news on the release.




As the EP has yet to be released, no songs have been released as singles as of yet. Check out the band Remember Jones’ debut single called “Let ’em Look“.

For more information, check out the band’s PR firm, The RMG Media Group.


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CD Review: No More Kings “III”

No More Kings is a Los Angeles-based rock outfit. The duo consists of Pete Mitchell on vocals and Neil DeGraide on almost everything else with a little help from some friends to help solidify the band’s sound. The duo formed while they were still in high school and they started writing songs around certain themes. When listening to an album from No More Kings, the band will cover concepts like zombies, karate and other ideas that will bring about a certain amount of nostalgia for the listener.

Having already released their self-titled album in 2007 plus And the Flying Boombox in 2009, No More Kings has returned in 2014 with their newest collection of songs. Having already released most of these tracks under the album title of 1973, No More Kings took the majority of the songs, added two unreleased tracks to the tracks from the previous version of the album that made the cut and created the new release called III.

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Is ‘Guitar Hero’ saving rock ‘n’ roll?

Is ‘Guitar Hero’ saving rock ‘n’ roll? That’s the question posed in an article at CNN in talking about the great success that video games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero are having on the popularity of bands such as Aerosmith, Guns & Roses and Metallica. It’s pretty clear from the article that there has been an increase in the visibility of rock music amongst kids as my 13 year old can attest. But isn’t this all part of the typical pendulum that rock and roll swings upon, albeit with a somewhat modern twist?

Rock and Roll always seems to go from one extreme to the other with great regularity since its inception. The problem these days is that unless you are differentiating rock and roll from something like rap or hip hop we are talking about “classic rock” in this case and rock and roll is so much more than this as those of you who listen to the podcast know full well. The thing that I love about these games is that they make kids much more receptive to all rock in general. My son loves playing along to Aerosmith and Rush but it has also opened his ears to bands like the Tenspoke Indies, Airbourne and The Sleepers to name but three.

People tend to to drift away from rock and roll at times and get caught up with whatever fad is in at the moment whether it be boy bands or American Idol crap or whatever but it is the attitude that makes rock and roll what it is and that I believe will never really go out of style. At least it won’t in this household!