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Deep Cuts CD Review: Howlin’ Wolf – Rockin The Blues:Live In Germany 1964 (Acrobat)

It’s been said there are two types of people: Type A personalities who are only out for themselves and have to control everything they do right down to the last jot and tiddle (biblical reference – gotta use the seminary training somewhere) and Type B personalities who are not so much leaders as team players more concerned with the welfare of others than themselves and who are able to go where the wind blows and do what’s necessary for the greater good. If anyone can ever be known as a Type A personality it is the late bluesman Howlin’ Wolf, who ran his band and his life with the ferociousness and cunning of the animal he used as the inspiration for his musical nom de plume. Standing at 6’3 and close to 300 pounds for most of his performing career, The Wolf cut an imposing figure, for sure. He was known to war with Chess labelmate Muddy Waters over who was the best bluesman and tussle with bandmembers who were late, and/or disobeying Wolf’s rules in one form or another and was just a general bastard to whoever he didn’t like. The stories about the man are legion, even today, but what the rest of the world knows is that Wolf was one of the best bluesman to ever growl a vocal.