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The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Feature is on Romani Records

In this edition of our cool Indie Record Labels feature we take a look at Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania-based Romani Records. Run by head honcho and namesake Jeremy Romani, Romani Records is just another example of a small indie record label in it for the love of music.

Jeremy was kind enough to answer some questions for The Rock and Roll Report:

Rock and Roll Report: How long has the label been around? How did it get started?

Jeremy Romani: The label itself has been around only about a year now. It was started as an outlet for me to release my music nationally. I wanted my band at the time, Goodbye Soundscape to really push it’s J. Robbins produced, debut release in a big way and turn some heads for us. At the time, I was really focused on the music end. But now with all the right connections for distribution and media contacts, I’ll be able to pursue the label completely.