PIGSHIT: High Tide and Fazed Cookies

The jury – to say nothing of the legal teams – appear to still be out on precisely how much of a bigger bang the Rolling Stones are planning next year to mark their fiftieth (!) year together as a band. Will they in fact, even for a concert or two, be able to regain the best bass player they ever had? Can even long-lost Mick Taylor again be convinced to try to fill Brian’s musical shoes for maybe a solo or two?? Anything to prevent, or at least delay, the next Jagger so-low album, I can already hear all of you thinking out there! 

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CD Review: The Rod Stewart Sessions – Rod Stewart (Rhino)

rod stewartRod Stewart sucks.

Hey, I am just writing what everyone’s thinking right? A once-great singer and possibly an even better songwriter who, mostly under his own name but also as lead singer with The Faces (who just about epitomized rock and roll at the time, being packed to the brim with rowdy guitar ably provided by future Rolling Stone Ron Wood and featuring one of the most solid rhythm sections of all time in bassist/songwriter Ronnie Lane and drummer Kenny Jones with Ian McLagan’s Jerry-Lee-Lewis-on-speed piano stylings, after all), released some of the greatest albums of the early ’70’s, albums filled with both touching and heart-rending songs of pained love and loss and an equal amount of hard rocking songs which look at the other side of the coin, the lusty and bawdy side of loving the opposite sex set to raucous Chuck Berry-style guitar work and Stewart’s trademark prickly sagebrush voice accompanied by countless bluesy whoops and hollers. Then, unfortunately 1975 just had to arrive, and with it, Stewart’s break with the musical hurricane known as The Faces, who all-too-often seemed to serve as his secondary music outlet and obligation.