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CD Review: ‘In the Wooded Forest’ by Savoir Adore

savoir adore webYou won’t often find me seeking out poppy, experimental rock. But I can’t deny that it is sometimes catchy and appropriate, and makes good background music while doing certain chores, such as ironing clothes or dusting my bedroom. I gave ‘In The Wooded Forest’ the first full length album by Savoir Adore (a Brooklyn based indie band) a listen the other day while I was browsing the internet. I thought to myself “I’m gonna hate it and throw in Mastodon before the second song ends!”. But that was not the case. I made it through the entire album, even stopping to check what a couple of the tracks were called. Before I get into the music, i’d like to give props to the artist who made the album art. It compliments the music and what I think the band is emitting, quite successfully… and it’s pretty!