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CD Review: “My Life As A Secret Agent” from Shabby Rogue

Shabby_RougeCheck out Shabby Rogue at  And be quick, This jumping single is available as free download via throughout September. This is the first single from Shabby Rogue second album By Hook and by Crook due for release in early 2010. I am eagerly awaiting this release, on the basis of this I shall be playing it a lot.

“My life as a Secret Agent” is like a fine clock spring unwinding once released, rapidly building up tempo initially when released then smoothly an rapidly unwinding progressively until the end where the tension of the rhythms rapidly but progressively diminishes. It has echoes of old time 60’s greats such as Bob Dylan and Arthur Lee while incorporating so many more modern ones in true style. It has a classic rocking rythyms revolving around a truly catchy bassline and backbeat. There are great guitar chords in the choruses and some heavy hillbilly riffs, this single is short and sweet and just so much fun.