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CD Review: Shoes “Double Exposure”

ShoesWhile I truly believe in neither fate nor coincidence, there might just be no other way of describing my “relationship” with the band Shoes. After knowing about the band for over fifteen years, it was just recently that I found the website to the band. There, I found out that the band has released an album entitled Double Exposure. This current release was put out in 2007 as a way to introduce new people to the music of a band that released their first major label release for Elektra Records in 1979.

The band of Shoes was made up of three main musicians: Gary Klebe, Jeff Murphy and John Murphy (who all shared duties on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass and lead vocals). Skip Meyer and others added the texture to the music as the band’s drummer. This group has had a long career, as they created music throughout the eighties and into the nineties.

In 1979, Shoes released “Present Tense,” a great rock release that actually falls into the category of “Power Pop”. The band and the music genre began at the same time that the music industry was trying to “recover” from the onslaught of both Disco and people like Cat Stevens, The Carpenters, and others who produced music that became fodder for musicians who were making “Elevator Music”. And while Shoes did not create the heavier music of Deep Purple or Thin Lizzy (to name only two), they were still heavier than many of the artists that made up the music industry in the Seventies.