PIGSHIT: The British Are Coming … Again

“No more Beatles! No more Stones! We just want the The Viletones!” went the cry of true teen angst ‘round my Toronto neighborhood circa the Summer of Hate in 1977. And, memories of my favorite punk-rock combo from a misspent youth notwithstanding, I do find myself feeling very much the same these thirty-three-and-a-third revolutions later, as big Beatles box sets and Rolling Stones re-issues continue to dominate our collective, sonic rear-view.

Of course, I can still thrill to a remastered (mono!) “She Loves You” as much as the next boomer, and glimpsing out-takes of Hendrix backstage with Keith inside that Get Yer Ya-Ya’s anniversary bundle will always raise a grin or two. But surely, surely, there must have been something going on during those scant weeks between 1963 and 1969 when Lennon, McCartney, Jagger and/or Richards compositions weren’t sitting atop the world’s hit parades.