The Man Who Shoots For The Stars..”Stage Dive Photography”

tony6 300Good morning to all you Rock and Roll People out there…..Today I want to do something a Little different. We promote everything that Rocks here @ The Rock and Roll  Report and today you will be Introduced to someone who does exactly this…His name is Tony and he is “Stage Dive Photography”.

We see all the shots that just ooze Rock and Roll and now you can find out just what it is like to be on the other side….behind the camera….Catching all the Moments that make us scream out  YES I so want to be there……..

Before I start Tony I would  just like to thank you and Welcome you To The Rock and Roll Report……

I enjoy all your Shots, and when I see how you capture the Moment it makes me want to sell up and move your way….where all the good Bands and Times are …….