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CD Review: Deville “Hydra”

The Swedish band Deville is a group that is currently creating some of the strongest and most melodic rock music of any band currently creating rock music. The four-man band consists of vocalist and guitarist Andreas Bengtsson, guitarist Jan Persson, bassist Markus Åkesson and drummer Markus Nilsson, although Martin Hambitzer was guitarist for the band when they created their newest album. The style of the band takes rock from the likes of Black Sabbath and combines it with rock influenced by Soundgarden. The 2013 album from Deville is entitled Hydra.

When listening to Hydra from Deville, the listener hears a band that takes itself seriously when creating their music. The music created by the band seems to be powerful from the first note and just never lets up. The album is just the thing for music lovers who enjoy a lot of energy in their listening pleasure.

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Intense Nick Meets up with Sweden’s Paperback Freud

PF Logo 300Paperback Freud is a five piece rock n roll machine that hails from Stockholm Sweden, with a notoriously explosive live show and one simple vision: to make the best damn rock n roll ever! Up to now they have played and been on the line up with acts like: Nazareth, Sebastian Bach, DAD, Girlschool, Cathedral, Kamelot, Jorn, Sabaton, Meldrum, Crucified Barbara, Mustach, Hellfueled, Freak Kitchen, Pleymo.

As you probably know Paperback Freud are from Sweden and that they have been mentioned here by Mark Boudreau. I agree with Mark all the way in his opinions, Paperback Freud are scorching hot Rock’n’Roll at its finest, played with more than enough love and vigour to make it glow and burn through anything as it flows. Watch out for their album ‘All in a days work’ as this is a must for any true Rock fan, it is
now on release go to ( to get yourself a copy.

Check out Paperback Freud at or

The band plays with great love and understanding of their high energy Rock’n’Roll, which is played with enough vigor to uplift anything. I am truly smitten with them already, they are so damn infectious. The band took some time out of their busy schedule to chat with me a bit about what they have been up to and what is to come.