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This Model-T Just Keeps On Rocking

T-Model Ford – The Ladies Man
Alive Records

While the blues revival of the ’80’s and ’90’s has waned considerably thanks to touring costs, the age of the artists and a handful of other factors, there is a plethora of blues releases coming out on a regular basis. Whether it’s because the blues speaks to all facets of life like a universal language or if the form is easily understood is unknown. Hell, it could be because three chords are easier to play than five so let’s get a band together and bash out some jams etc. etc. No one will ever know for sure. What I do know is few blues releases stand out like the albums by T-Model Ford. Though the blues is a “truth-telling” sort of music if you get my meaning, Ford tells the truth like no other and when one listens to Ford’s music, one gets the sense Ford has some sort of life lesson to hand down and you better pay attention because if you miss it, you’ll be sorry. At least, that’s the impression I get when listening to his albums.

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Alive and Rocking: Part 2

This is the second part of this round-up review/label profile so let me repeat:

Let me tell you, I get a decent bit of music in the mail thanks to this gig right here and although every day brings a package with a little bit of melodic lovin’ inside, there are days where the bounty is just so fucking cool it makes me glad I decided to become a music writer. The day I received this fat package of music from the Alive label was one of those great days. Alive is one of the few labels left which is dedicated to keeping rock and roll…ahem…alive in many ways, but most importantly in spirit. The label is a throwback to the days when substance meant more than anything else and sticking by your bands while they grew and matured was more important than milking them for one monster hit. I mean, while I am sure Alive would love to sell a ton of records and have a huge fat hit on their hands, they seem incredibly loyal to their bands and are nurturing their roster as each band builds their own reps and fanbases which will eventually help the label as a whole. As it is, the label has one of the best young rosters out there and will soon be able to compete with any other label out there is the discs contained in this package is any clue. Since they sent me so many wonderful releases, I am splitting this article into two parts so I don’t hit you with too much good stuff at one time. This is, of course, the second part!