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Live Gig Review and Photo Essay: Tractor, Alabaster Suns, Big Naturals, Taint & Kylesa live at the Croft in Bristol UK

A short while ago I visited The Croft in Bristol, UK and saw three bands play. They were Tractor, Alabaster Suns and Taint. The Croft is a great little venue that has a bandroom for gigs that is about 50 x 30 in feet & inches, jut right for a real ’live’ atmosphere. Check the Croft out at


Tractor were first on stage, a band from Bristol who kick out a their own style of noise Rock. They played a fairly short but kick-ass set. All three acts had to clear the band room fairly early, but all three bands made for this with the content of the sets.

Alabaster Suns from London played next and thrashed out an excellent set of their brand of concrete/industrial Rock. Again a short set but mind blowingly magnificent. They have a debut CD named ‘Alabaster Suns’ which has received glowing reviews from Kerrang, who gave it a rating of 4/5 and from Rocksound who awarded it 7/10. Their sound is brutally heavy oozing with deep bass lines, frantically rampant drum rolls and rhythms that make their style roll all over the place with riotously raunchy guitar chords, riffs and licks completing the package perfectly with the such strong vocals to make the sound heavy as you like. Check them Out at or their main site http//