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Matheson Kamin Has a Listen to The Brakes

When you go to record an album, you must look at your strengths and decide what would best represent your sound and music. And sometimes, your strengths lie more in the live performance than they lie in creating music in a professional studio. The Philadelphia band The Brakes decided that for their Hyena Records debut, they would take the unusual step of recording the album live in concert. The album that resulted from live recording is entitled “Tale of Two Cities”.

The Brakes is a rock band that is made up of five multi-talented musicians. The band is comprised of: singer-songwriter Zach Djanikian, who also contributes bass, acoustic guitar, and tenor saxophone; Matt Kass, who contributes guitar and bass; Derek Feinberg, who contributes guitar, bass and vocals; Adam Flicker, who contributes keyboards, trumpet and vocals; and Josh Sack, who plays drums for the group.

Although it might seem unusual to have a band record their first album live The Brakes show that they have the talent to do it. And with the album being live, the listener gets a good idea of what to expect when actually seeing the band live in concert.

“Tale of Two Cities,” the new album from The Brakes, is just that: an audio record of the time the band spent recording in two locations, Milkboy, a neighborhood listening room in Ardmore, PA, and The Knitting Factory, a concert club in New York City. Having spent a month in residence at the two clubs, The Brakes gave one concert a week at both locations and recorded each show. When the month-long residences were up, The Brakes took what had been recorded, went into the studio to collect “the best of the best” of the performances and came up with tracks that were ultimately assembled to create Tale of Two Cities.