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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #60 – Sometimes A Girl

bathing babeThis week’s Rock and Roll Report Podcast is definitely made to be played loud! I apologize for the lateness of it’s release but various technical gremlins, work commitments and power failures resulted in me having to put off recording for a few days.

This week’s podcast features a number of bands and artists that I have never played before and they are all amazing. Despite the fact that these bands and artists are either unsigned or are on smaller indie labels they really would have no problem being slotted in on a commercial rock radio playlist in my opinion so if you like what you hear, request your local rock station to play these artists!

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The Rock and Roll Report Band Of The Week “The Crossing”

the crossing (200 x 200)

This week I am stoked to bring you a band that has Done so much for my Taste In Music.

Not Only do they Rock as Friends but their tunz’s are something that keep you coming back for more.

I love how they have a Style of their own and have Taken music to a different place in my head……Enjoy them as I do guys and here is what they had to say ……

Hi ! We are THE CROSSING, a rock act out of Chicago. Thanks for checking us out. The band manages this site personally and we have really enjoyed meeting all of you these past few months. Your friendship and consideration is much appreciated.