Cursed Album Title – Bloods, Guts, Bruises, Cuts – Really Messes Up ‘The Dudes’

No, the title of this article is not an exaggeration. Ever since Alberta’s The Dudes released their album entitled Bloods, Guts, Bruises, Cuts they’ve been cursed with all of the above. What exactly happened? Brace yourselves for this unbelievable sequence of events!

A week before the band set off on their Canadian tour lead singer/guitarist Dan Vacon took a ride on his BMX bike and ended up with twelve staples in his head and a broken collarbone.  A month later drummer Scott Ross rode the same bike, only to end up missing three of his front teeth, a bunch of his face and a piece of his moustache (the accident took place at the same intersection as Dan’s!). And that’s not nearly the end of it! Vacon then crashed into a tree while skiing and broke the other side of his collarbone. AND, last, but certainly not least, while hailing a cab during a blizzard, Ross slipped and got dragged thirty feet underneath the bumper of an oncoming car and busted both his knees.

Now, things seem to have settled down and The Dudes are back to rockin’. Here’s what Vacon had to say about the band, their new album, all the madness and … tattoos.

Q: Let’s start off with how you guys got together as a band?

A: Ok. It started off with me and Bob in high school and we actually made the band for the talent show. We wanted to just rule the talent show and funny enough we didn’t make it to the second round, and the girl who won actually sings the national anthem at the Flames games now.

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