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Rock and Roll Report TV: The Explorers Club – “Do You Love Me?”

The Explorers Club Share First Music Video

The praise surrounding the Explorers Club’s album Freedom Wind typically references the band’s reverence for the classic summery pop sounds of the 60s and 70s and their love of timeless pop songwriting is undeniable. There are songs that would not sound out of place on oldies radio – and the band captures both the sound and spirit of an era where the radio could be relied on for great music. The first video from The Explorers Club offers a similar sense of nostalgia – “Do You Love Me?” harkens back to an era where MTV was fresh and fun – when you could rely on the network for revealing a visual component to your favorite pop music. Playful and fun, the Explorers Club’s lighthearted video perfectly captures one of Freedom Wind’s many highlights.