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Scott Goes to Bed with the Mother Truckers


The Mother TruckersLet’s All Go To Bed
Funzalo Records

Hailing from Austin, Texas, the Mother Truckers sing a sort of amped-up, sky-high octane Americana which blends country, blues and rock into one unholy hellspawn of a creation that should send parents running full-bore for the best place to hide and draw young’uns straight to them, hormones a-ragin’. That the band hasn’t been able to break through to the mainstream yet should make radio execs and record labels hang their head in shame. In a time when plastic, fake, Pro-Tooled-to-death artists succeed simply by surviving Paula Abdul’s drunken hallucinations, you’re going to tell me a band writing its’ own great songs and playing the hell out of their own instruments and making incredible music doesn’t have the right stuff to make it?

Bullshit, is what it is, but like true rock and rollers (albeit with a crazy Redneck-country edge) they soldier on anyway and gather fans one album and one show at a time. An Americana email list I belong to simply can’t get enough of them and email about their gigs all the time – as well people should. People can say country-rock has been done by Skynyrd and Hatchett, and 38 Special and all those other bands, why should we care about it now? I would say, number one, because the band just does it so damn well. Then, number two, is we need this kind of music to succeed. Heartland rock, whatever you want to call it, written by people who are living the life the public lives. It’s why bands like The Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo and their offspring Wilco and Son Volt became popular: bands singing honest songs about real life with no ostentatious trappings or extra adornments. The true test of a good song is if you can take all the extra crap away and play it on an acoustic guitar and see if it still connects with an audience. This band is able to do just that with their music.