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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #65 – Get It On!

get it onAnother week, another healthy dose of rock and roll fun! This week I play some bands that I have previously played on other podcasts as well as some new stuff that is currently making my ears happy. And just a reminder, if you enjoy the podcast then please chick out the rest of the Rock and Roll Report as there is bound to be something to scratch your rock and roll itch. And don’t forget to check out the brand new Rock and Roll Report TV!

As usual you have a wide range of styles from a wider range of bands and artists who are either unsigned or are signed to independent record labels. If you like what you hear please consider supporting these bands in a tangible way by buying their music, going to their shows and buying their merch.

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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #63: More Loud Rock Fun and a Tribute to Greg Shaw

PigshitOctober16This week on the Rock and Roll Report Podcast I again play music from bands that have yet to be played on the show. I don’t know why I make a big deal of this all the time as there are so many amazing bands that I should never technically repeat but let this be a lesson to you all that rock and roll is far from dead but living and breathing under your very own collective noses!

On this week’s show I also play some tracks from Bomp Records’ excellent tribute to the late great Greg Shaw CD He Put the Bomp in Bomp: Greg Shaw as I wax nostalgic a bit on the passing of the legendary founding of Mojo Navigator Rock and Roll News, Bomp! magazine, Bomp! Records and too numerous articles, liner notes and production credits to his name. Greg Shaw inspired directly or indirectly every one of us who started a fanzine or website or blog or podcast dedicated to rock and roll and it was fun playing some of these songs in tribute to the man who I consider an important influence on my rock and roll upbringing.

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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #62 – So Glad You Dig Me

cute girl smilingFor those expecting a podcast last week I apologize but as I did Rock and Roll Report Radio on October 12th I just couldn’t get a podcast together in time for release on Wednesday.

On this week’s podcast I turn things on their head a bit and feature what I consider 3 very distinct styles of music in 3 very distinct sets. And I went against my initial impulse to start of the show with the harder stuff to keep things interesting!

I have just finished reading “Rick Rubin: In the Studio” and it is a pretty fascinating book as Rubin’s taste in music know no boundaries. From hip hop to hard rock, metal to Pop, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Johnny Cash, the guy understands that music is about the song and the emotion it conveys. A highly recommended read and a good rule of thumb to go by. Don’t get caught up in genres in niches, focus on the song and let the rest take care of itself which is kind of what I did this week. I love all this songs and at first listen you might find them to be quite different from each other but to me that doesn’t matter. Each song caught my ear and I like each one regardless of whatever genre YOU think they belong in!

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Rock and Roll Report Radio is Back on CKUT 90.3 FM with Stareblind!

That’s right! Rock and Roll Report Radio is back on the air tonight, October 12th from 10:00 – 11:00 PM EST with special guests live in the studio Stareblind!

Stop by and have a listen on the old fashioned radio or online at


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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #61 – Say It Like You Mean It

girls-jessbarton2This week we bring you more fun and loud rock and roll meant to be played at high volume amongst friends and assorted alcoholic beverages. Make sure you crank it and get those winter window panes rattling ASAP!

As usual you have a wide range of styles from a wider range of bands and artists who are either unsigned or are signed to independent record labels. If you like what you hear please consider supporting these bands in a tangible way by buying their music, going to their shows and buying their merch.

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A Letter From the Editor

If you are a regular visitor of the Rock and Roll Report you may have been wondering about the dearth of material this week but fear not! Because of you we had to move! That’s right. Because so many of you great music fans are hungry for some amazing rock and roll, you know the kind that tends to be ignored by the commercial rock media, we were forced to move to a new hosting service that could better accommodate us. Amazingly enough The Rock and Roll Report is growing each and every month, so much so that we outgrew our old home and moved over to the amazing folks at Media Temple.

The move gave the gang here at the Report a chance to rest but now that things are back to normal we are revving up our rock and roll engines and resuming our normal publication schedule. By Monday you will have your regular daily fix of what we think is some great music that is just too damn good to be ignored.

We hope you enjoy it!

Mark Boudreau
Editor – Publisher – General Fixer Upper

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is…..The Rock and Roll Report!

testpattern_rca_31If you are a regular reader of The Rock and Roll Report you will be aware that the site has been offline for a few days due to technical issues but now that it is back online the interruption has caused some havoc to the schedule for this week. As we didn’t want to shortchange the Band of the Week who was scheduled this week, we have decided to postpone the feature until next week so they get the benefit of seven days on the site.

So instead of the usual great Band of the Week this week we invite you to browse around the site and rediscover some great stuff from the archives. How about checking out other Band’s of the Week from the past by going to the Artists and Bands section of the site? Or how about reading some of the great features from the past in our Features section?

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Looking for something to do this summer? How about hitting a music festival? If you are looking for some ideas check out our huge and constantly updated 2009 Summer Festival Guide and take your pick as there are tons of them in all four corners of the globe!

And always remember that you can stay in touch by subscribing to our RSS Feed, podcast or newsletter so that you don’t miss a single bit of rock and roll goodness posted daily to the site.

Thanks so much for your support. As we mop up the mess from this technical snafu we are smiling as the music is cranked and the windows are rattling. That’s what rock and roll is all about.


Mark Boudreau and the Rock and Roll Report Team

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Welcome to the New Rock and Roll Report!

Well as you may figured out when you logged into the site, The Rock and Roll Report has undergone a pretty dramatic change in the last week. What you see is the culmination of months of work with web designer Josh Bowers to bring the Report more inline with being an online magazine and less like a typical blog.


The Live Rock and Roll Experience


I have made the case in the past how it is important, if you REALLY love rock and roll to experience it live as often as possible. No, I am not talking about U2 or Springsteen at the local Enormodome but about seeing the hundreds (probably thousands) of bands that ply their trade from one rock and roll dive bar to another.

Let me use a recent experience to illustrate. A few weeks ago I caught one of my current faves The Brown Hornets at a local bar here in Montreal. Now granted the bar itself was nothing special in the interior decor department and the lighting onstage was suspect but the place certainly has character and that counts for maximum points in my book. There was no cover charge, the bar held maybe 50-75 people max and yet when I walked out of there on the shady side of 1:00 AM I was positively vibrating with excitement.