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Rock and Roll Report TV: The Sleepers – She is My Drinking Problem

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“All I Need Is a Cigarette To Keep My Cool” and Other Rock and Roll Truths by The Sleepers

comeback-special.jpgThe SleepersComeback Special
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Ever since I first heard Push It Nationwide by The Sleepers I have been a fan. As soon as I opened that CD and saw the pictures of guitars and amps set up in the studio I knew these guys from Chicago got it. Nice, sleazy rock and roll about lost loves, drinking away your troubles, smoking cigarettes and rocking out with attitude is what these guys are all about and things have only gotten better with their latest release Comeback Special.

With songs like Loaded, Filthy Ways, She Is My Drinking Problem and Jailbait you know where these boys are coming from and it ain’t pretty but man does it make for great listening. Tommy Richied has that great sneering vocal sound that melds perfectly with the dirty, Stonesy guitar sound that they pump out. Once again I have a hard time picking favourites from the 12 tracks as they all resonate with me so I tend to listen to the whole CD from start to finish which is not always the case with a lot of CDs out there but is the way it should be. Raw, dirty, sarcastic and yet always with a hook, Comeback Special is meant to be played loud any time of the day or night and preferably in the company of friends. First rate rock and roll for those who understand what it is all about. Highly recommended.

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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #9: More Rock and Roll to Keep Your Ears Warm and Your Smile Wide!

rrr_144.jpgWell Podcast #9 is here and I must say it has a nice blend of different styles which always makes my ears smile. Powerpop, modern indie rock, hard rock, slow moody stuff, songs about porno queens, Podcast #9 has it all.

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Here is what I played:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured On Fridays
  2. Explode Tonight by Heap (New Release!)
  3. Mr. Unconcerned by Popgun
  4. All of My Idols are Dead by Killola (New Release!)
  5. Good Voodoo by The Teenage Prayers (New Release!)
  6. Used To Be a Dancer by Lick and a Promise (New and unreleased!)
  7. Unknown Destination by The Fores
  8. Porno Queen by
  9. She Is My Drinking Problem by The Sleepers (New Release!)
  10. Almost Beautiful by Reality Addiction
  11. Rock and Roll Report Outro by Featured On Fridays