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You want great Rock and Roll? Just say SHAZAM!!

Meteor by The Shazam

Shazam – Meteor
Not Lame

Not only does this new album from rockers The Shazam mark the long-awaited return of one of the best power pop groups of the past twenty years or so but it also marks the return of THE best power pop label ever, Not Lame, if only temporarily. Two great treats in one! Seems the great folks behind Not Lame have decided to partner with The Shazam on this new CD but have no plans to revive the label outside of this release. Boo! Then again, if there was ever a reason to bother to start (or revive, as in Not Lame’s case) a label it is for a band as deserving and overlooked as The Shazam. For over a decade now, this powerpop juggernaut led by guitarist/songwriter/singer Hans Rotenberry have been at the forefront of the New Power Pop which sprung up in the mid-’90’s thanks to pioneering bands such as Jellyfish, The Posies and The Smithereens – bands who took the combination of melody and guitar bombast The Beatles, Badfinger, Big Star, and early Who represented and decided to bring it forward while giving it a much-needed kick in the ass with some modern technology and post-punk attitude. That the band hasn’t become more of a household name is very unfortunate as their distinctive blend of arena rock with razor-sharp pop hooks should have been the perfect bridge betwen the kind of FM hard rock fodder listeners have suffered through for over thirty years and the alternative rock of the mid-90’s and beyond. In fact, if Fountains of Wayne, Weezer and Foo Fighters were combined, it would sound like The Shazam.


PigShit by Gary Pig Gold – BESIDES THOSE BEATLES

You know what I was doing precisely forty-five years ago tonight, February 9th?

Sitting far too close in front of my family’s Zenith television, bouncing up and down to the hitherto-unheard – not to mention utterly unimaginable – sights and sounds of the Ed Sullivan Show, and four weird guys with Moe Howard haircuts in particular.

“At least they have nice suits,” my mother commented most back-handedly.

“That drummer certainly knows how to swing,” my father (an amateur big band stickman himself) admitted. “But gawd, what an awful noise!”

Reviews and Suggestions

Scott Meets The Smithereens

SmithereensMeet The Smithereens

When I first saw this CD at my local CD store, I was immediately intrigued but then thought to myself, “Damn, another band is doing some sort of Beatles tribute – can’t people write their own songs and quit giving tributes to the Beatles?” but after picking it up and enjoying it immensely, I have softened my approach to Beatles’ tribute records. At least, this one anyway.