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Rock on Film: The Wrecking Crew – A Documentary by Denny Tedesco

Rock on Film
Movie Review: The Wrecking Crew
Documentary Film Directed by Denny Tedesco
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Okay, I know this strays off the indie path a bit, but that’s what makes this indie film about some of the most popular pop music (isn’t that redundant?) ever so significant. Before synthesizers, drum machines and Pro Tools there was analog recording equipment and a group of Los Angeles session musicians, who later came to be known as The Wrecking Crew. On any given day they played for the Beach Boys or the Mamas and the Papas or were the bricks in Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound-they played anything and everything. Most were jazz players with serious chops, but played studio dates to pay the bills. If you don’t know the names Tommy Tedesco (guitar), Hal Blaine (drums), Carol Kaye (bass), Earl Palmer (drums) Don Randi (piano) or Joe Osborne (bass) to name a few, shame on you, but you’re not alone (homework assignment: Google all their names), but if you’re reading this, I know you’ve heard their music. The first three are quite possibly-no probably-the most recorded in history on their respective instruments, with Palmer a close second to Blaine. Some became names you do know: Glen Campbell, Leon Russell.