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Hard rock legend Tony Harnell opens up about TNT, the music industry going down the toilet, and his new solo album

Tony Harnell is no stranger to fans of hard rock. Best known as the frontman of TNT since the ’80s, Harnell has also been in Morning Wood, Westworld, and Starbreaker. He’s now released his latest solo effort, “Round Trip”, which features alternative versions of some of his greatest material. Tony was kind enough to take the time to tell The Rock and Roll Report about everything from his early days to the present.

Q: To start, let’s go back to the beginning – what event took place in your life that made you realize you wanted to rock for a living?

A: I had just moved to New York from California and was driving around in my car, I was about 16, and some local dudes with long hair came up to my car at a stop sign and told me they’d been looking for me for weeks. Apparently they had heard me screaming in my car to Priest and Zeppelin through the hood and were trying to find me, so they invited me to their band rehearsal. I had never played with a band before so this was exciting for me. Well, after the three or four hours with them in their studio it was all over for me. I knew when I walked out the door that night what my life was going to be about.