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In Concert: Slayer at The Molson Amphitheatre

The Canadian Carnage Tour slammed into Toronto the other night thoroughly delighting the small but strong crowd at the Molson Amphitheatre.

Three of the bands, Testament, Megadeth and Slayer, I had my sights set on a photo/review pass but oddly was only granted one from the only band I was REALLY bent on seeing: the mighty Slayer. Were they the only band with balls big enough to subject themselves the media’s critical eye?

Didn’t matter to me. Slayer has been one of those bands that I’ve never seen and has risen to the top of my bucket list over the past few months with the hype of “The Big Four” movie that’s been showing at selected theatres.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Out of the 17 songs they jammed into their setlist, there were only 4 that I wasn’t very familiar with. I’ve been a Slayer fan since way back in 87’ when I really gave em a listen. I was handed a tape and told that “this, is the best metal album of all time”…

Well those words hung heavily in my head and I still have to agree that to this day, “Reign In Blood” is definitely in the top 3 contenders for best metal album of all time. Of course that’s just MY personal opinion, but what do I know?

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Rock and Roll Report TV Episode 2 – Back to the Black Carpet

Keaton, BusterRock and Roll Report TV is our take at what music TV should be like. We truly believe that it should be fun, interesting and give you the feeling that you are hanging out with us as we crash CD release parties, concerts, festivals, recording sessions and whatever else rocks our boat. Our hosts Leah Cevoli and Allegra are passionate about rock and roll and especially want to shine the TV spotlight on deserving artists who may get the short end of the major media stick. We hope you enjoy what we are trying to do and please let us know what you think! You can email us at with comments, suggestions, praise, criticism and video gear, not necessarily in that order! With Andy Anzaldua holding down the fort as producer and video editing guru and our buddies Gee Davey supplying the soundtrack, we are stoked at what is coming for RRR TV and hope you tune in regularly.

On this second episode of Rock and Roll Report TV we continue our journey on the black carpet at the Golden Gods Awards. Who will Leah run into this time and more importantly, where have all the sirens gone?