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CD Review: Greg Roensch “What’s in the Meaning of That Cloud in the Sky”

Greg Roensch is a multi-talented individual who splits his time between the written word, the spoken word and the recorded song. As a writer, you can find Greg Roensch’s written words in his 2017 collection called Breakfast with the Alien and Other Short, Short Stories. His words have also been used to write about subjects such as video games, consumer electronics, winemaking and others, as well as for non-profit organizations. As a singer-songwriter, Roensch has created what he called The Spiral Notebook Project, a project which included 10 songs created by Roensch and other talented individuals at Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco (including producer John Vanderslice who has been responsible for plenty of releases over the years from talented individuals). Years after the release of The Spiral Notebook Project, Greg Roensch returns with his latest album, a release once again created with the help of producer John Vanderslice. Greg Roensch’s latest musical release is called What’s in the Meaning of That Cloud in the Sky.  

To begin the What’s in the Meaning of That Cloud in the Sky album, Greg Roensch kicks off his release with the track “Come On Over”. This track brings forth the talents of keyboard player Robert Shelton as it is the organ that is the instrument that is focused on in this song. The organ and the rest of the instrumentation give the song a rather retro feel as the song sounds as if it would have come out of the seventies. Not only is there a seventies feel to the music, but the song itself brings to mind the musical stylings of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as the tune has a sound with an undeniable resemblance to Petty’s song “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”.

The new release from Greg Roensch continues with the track “One More Shot”. This track features a Funk/Lite Rock blend to the music. The resulting blend creates a song with a laidback approach while also creating a strong groove that comes courtesy of the aforementioned organs and the bass. The synthesizers on the track add a strong groove of their own while also adding a slightly psychedelic vibe to the music. While the music of the track is rather upbeat, the lyrics are hopeful than anything else. The lyrics describe trying to reignite a relationship that seems to have come to an abrupt end at one point with Roensch cautiously dealing with the situation so things don’t get worse.

If one is familiar with some of the music that came out of the era of the eighties, you should be at least familiar with the title to the song “If I Had a Rocket Launcher,” the very political track from Bruce Cockburn from back in 1984 about his visit to Guatemalan refugee camps in Mexico following the counterinsurgency campaign of dictator Efraín Ríos Montt. On his new album, Greg Roensch takes a little influence from Cockburn as he created a track with a title that is just as striking and memorable. “Don’t Forget Your Hand Grenades” is a track from Roensch that, like Cockburn’s earlier track, was influenced by reality: a sign hanging in an airport in Europe that simply said- “No Hand Grenades”. Forming the music around the lyrics, the song contains a jazzy/funky feel to the laidback music. And with the sing-song feel to Roensch’s vocals, the song comes across as a Spoken Word/Beat Poetry track. But with the lyrical content of the words, that works rather well for the song “Don’t Forget Your Hand Grenades”.

What’s in the Meaning of That Cloud in the Sky album from Greg Roensch continues with the song “Grasshopper”. With this track, Roensch and the rest of the band slow things down quite a bit to create the slow-paced track. Singer Carly Bond joins Roensch as the two create a duet of sorts. While most duets feature lyrics of a mainly romantic nature, Bond and Roensch sing about taking it slow and easy. The track features simplicity at its best as the lyrics deal with the simple act of sitting and watching a grasshopper hopping along while the music contains a slow, steady and laidback pace.

The track “Celluloid Dream” changes the direction of the music. With this track the main focus is on the acoustic guitar of Greg Roensch as he creates a track that feels much like something from singer-songwriters in the mid-to-late sixties or earlier seventies. The slow-paced song features a storyteller approach to the lyrics, in much the same manner that Jimmy Buffett wrote the song “They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More,” Buffet’s tribute to the multi-talented actress and singer Carmen Miranda. In this instance, Roensch writes about any one of the numerous actresses that graced the silver screen during the early Black & White days of cinema. And while the track easily contains the influence of Jimmy Buffett in the lyrics, the musical part of the track will remind fans of The Princess Bride of that movie’s Main Theme Song, “Storybook Love” from Willie DeVille and Mark Knopfler. Part of the reason for that comes from the inclusion of the cello on the track that is courtesy of Crystal Pascucci, which adds a touch of orchestration to the song.  

Like with the earlier track of “Don’t Forget Your Hand Grenades,” Greg Roensch takes the listener back to the sixties with “Remember the War to End All Wars,” a track that brings to mind songs like “Find the Cost of Freedom” from Crosby, Stills and Nash, or “Stop Children What’s That Sound” from Buffalo Springfield. “Remember the War to End All Wars” contains the same type of lyrical mindset as the aforementioned songs. The track is formed around the cello from Crystal Pascucci who creates a beautiful and touching intro to the track before the song changes to something that could have come from Buffalo Springfield, as the song falls into a style of Folk-Rock reminiscent of that band’s music. “Remember the War to End All Wars” is a powerful reminder to never forget the conflicts that came before as they can still teach us things.

Greg Roensch continues his new release with another poignant track as he stays in the same frame of mind of the previous track. But this time, instead of Folk-Rock, Roensch changes directions and creates a song with a much different feel to the music. It is with the song “Trigger, Trigger (Get Your Gun Out of My Face)” that Roensch explores a much more experimental feel to his music. In fact, the musical direction chosen by the singer-songwriter on this track brings to mind the more experimental side of the band Pere Ubu. The music being what it is and the Spoken Word feel to the words on the track create one of the most different tracks of the entire album.

Singer Carly Band returns as she and Greg Roensch once again join together on the “title track” of the release “Tell It Like It Is”. Just like the first time that Band made an appearance on this release, the song “Tell It Like It Is” contains a duet between Band and Roensch. And like the first track that featured both artists, this song is slow-paced and laidback as the song contains a light touch to the music which goes along with the lyrics about how things are going in the relationship that the song revolves around.  

As the listener goes through the thirteen tracks that make up the What’s in the Meaning of That Cloud in the Sky album from Greg Roensch, you get many different styles and flavors of music. Folk-Rock, Art Punk, Psychedelic Rock and much more make up the various tracks on the album. Strong writing, strong musicianship and nicely varied music combine to create a release that offers something for everyone.   

For more information, check out Greg Roensch’s PR firm of Whiplash PR & Management by clicking on the logo for the company.





For a taste of the music from Greg Roensch, check out the song “Come on Over”. 

To hear the entire What’s in the Meaning of That Cloud in the Sky album from Greg Roensch, click on the album cover below: 


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CD Review: The Cerny Brothers “Looking For the Good Land”

It was back in 1976/1977 that Steve Popovich launched Cleveland International Records. Perhaps the most notable album to come from the label was Bat out of Hell from Meat Loaf. It was also the album that would lead to the label shutting down for over a decade as Popovich and later his son Steve Popovich Jr would fight for the rights to that album. But now the label is back and releasing albums from its back catalog as well as new albums. One such new release coming from the label is the latest album from the band The Cerny Brothers, a band that had its origins in Illinois before they moved to Nashville in order to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

When growing up, The Cerny Brothers (whose first names are Scott and Bob Cerny) found themselves with little musical influence. Part of the reason for that was growing up in rural Illinois, and another reason was that their parents had very little music around the house. In fact, it was only after the two brothers went off to college that they finally ended up discovering what they had been missing out on for so long. In came musical influence from the bands Radiohead, The Avett Brothers, even Bob Dylan became a necessary influence to the brothers like so many musicians that had come before.

As far as The Cerny Brothers and music are concerned, the duo has already released three albums of music. The previous albums include from the outfit include:  2011’s Dream, 2013’s Self-Titled album, as well as 2015’s Sleeping Giant. Having just signed with Cleveland International Records, the record company has just released the duo’s latest album. The 2019 album from The Cerny Brothers is entitled Looking For the Good Land.

For their latest release, The Cerny Brothers created the album mainly on their own as singer-songwriter Bob plays guitar and sings most of the songs while his brother Scott plays the keys and adds vocals to the track “Ghost” and takes his turn as lead vocalist on the track “Denver”. To fill out the rest of the music, the brothers are joined by drummer Houston Mathews and bassist Matt Anderson. They also had some help from Billy Nobel who adds some organ to the mix. What results is a sound that draws upon Rock and Roll, Country and a few other influences. And like The Avett Brothers, the duo’s musical direction falls somewhere within the Rock and Roll section genre of Americana. In fact, the duo’s music brings to mind the music of artists like Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, even John Mellencamp.

Looking For the Good Land from The Cerny Brothers begins with the track “I Wanna Love You”. It is the guitar from Bob Cerny that put the track into motion. Because of Bob’s guitar, the track features a strong Rock and Roll feel that falls directly into the eighties. With the guitar and the vocals from Bob Cerny that add to the lyrical content about wanting to fall in love, the song would have felt right at home on Top 40 stations back then. The song has enough of a modern feel that you could easily imagine the song getting played on today’s radio dial, too.

The latest release from The Cerny Brothers continues with the song “Days of Thunder”. While the previous track featured the guitar from Bob Cerny, this song features Bob on vocals and keyboards. It is the sound of the keyboards that begin the track as the song takes on a Rock and Roll approach that features music that easily brings to mind the sound of the Tom Petty track “Learning to Fly”. That track also has a strong Pop-rock feel to that music which seems to give the track an additional influence that suggests influence from Coldplay. The Coldplay/Tom Petty feel to the track gives the song a definite commercial feel.

On the track “Ghost,” the brothers change places as Scott Cerny takes a turn on lead vocalist while he plays the piano. The piano creates the majority of the music with the rest of the instrumentation adding flavor to the track which once again brings to mind some of the music from the band Coldplay. The inclusion of the banjo in the background of the track and some strings gives the track a strong commercial sound that would be perfect on today’s FM radio.

The Looking For the Good Land release from The Cerny Brothers continues with the track “American Whore”. This track finds the duo once again taking their music back to the days of the Rock and Roll music that could be found on the radio back in the eighties. The track’s music easily brings to mind the style of John Mellencamp at that time. The lyrical style even brings to mind the way Mellencamp would write his lyrics as the words feature a strong patriotic feel to them. So much so, that that is what the lyrics are about- being so patriotic that you would refer to the singer as being an “American Whore”. While the subject matter leaves you to decide how you look at things, this track is one of the strongest moments on the album.

On the next track, The Cerny Brothers return their music to a more current feel and approach. The music of “Where I’m Going” has a definite Pop-Rock feel. The brothers seem to have taken some musical influence from Sugar Ray, added some influence from Jack Johnson, added some more Pop-Rock feel to the music and created a track that would be perfect for today’s Top 40 or Adult Contemporary radio formats. In fact, this track feels as if it could easily garner the duo a strong hit single.

The newest release from The Cerny Brothers contains an entire release full of tracks that lead from one track to the next to create one strong release. And after three or four songs after “Where I’m Going,” the duo creates the track “Moon Above the Desert”. The track is one of the tracks on the release that stands out because of several things. One reason the song stands out is the length of the track. At nearly six minutes, the song is easily the longest track on the release. Another reason it stands out is because the duo creates the song by drawing upon Indie Rock influences. The track stands out from the rest of the music because of that musical direction. “Moon Above the Desert” is one song on the release that the listener will find themselves seemingly falling into as the song progresses.

Looking For the Good Land is strong release from The Cerny Brothers. The album contains twelve tracks that all have a rather commercial feel to them. And while the brotherly duo does use a lot of influence from the eighties to create the songs on this album that hardly gives the album a dated feel. In fact, the album feels rather fresh from beginning to end. And with this being the first new album to come from the relaunched version of Cleveland International Records, label and band seem ready-made for each other.


For the relaunched version of Cleveland International Records, click HERE

For a taste of the Looking For the Good Land release from The Cerny Brothers, check out the song “I Wanna Love You“. 

For the Looking For the Good Land release from The Cerny Brothers, click on the album cover below:


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CD Review: All This Huxley “Home Stockholm”

When you take a group of musicians who can each play multiple instruments, you end up with a band that contains plenty of musical potential. This describes the situation with the band All This Huxley, a group that came together from both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas but who calls the Philadelphia area home. All This Huxley is Trevor Serine on Guitarist/Vocals, John Corcoran on Guitarist/Harmonica/Vocals, Josh Mayer on Percussion/Vocals, and Alex Marlys on Bass/Vocals.

The band of All This Huxley (a moniker that is rather apparently based upon the name of the English writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley) had its beginnings when John Corcoran and Trevor Serine met in college. When the duo was looking to create an entire band to help reshape the music they were creating together, Corcoran called upon Marlys and Mayer, two former classmates as well as bandmates of his to fill out the lineup. These four musicians take their various influences and then blend together musical styles such as Blues, Folk, Indie Rock and more. This blend can be found on the band’s 2017 self-titled album.

Just recently, All This Huxley completed work on their 2019 follow-up to their self-titled release. The newest EP from All This Huxley is entitled Home Stockholm.

Home Stockholm from All This Huxley begins with the “title track” of the release. “Stockholm” contains a strong Rock and Roll feel to the music. In fact, the track finds the band creating a track that feels as if it came from the nineties when Alternative Rock was just getting started as a music genre. The track’s music feels sort of like a combination of something from Tom Petty mixed with a rather laidback song from Warren Zevon.  

For the next track on All This Huxley’s new EP, the release continues with the track “Comrade II”. With this song, the band once again creates a track that feels as if it had come out of the nineties. What the song of “Comrade II” should remind the listener of if the time between the early nineties until the middle of the mid 00’s when MTV was busy creating their show called “Unplugged” with such bands as The Gin Blossoms, Alice In Chains, even Nirvana. The track of “Comrade II” from All This Huxley specifically brings to mind an acoustic feel from the band Soul Asylum.

All This Huxley’s new self-titled EP continues with the track called “Dunkirk”. While the previous track found the band creating a track with a basic unplugged approach to the music, “Dunkirk” finds the band once again creating a track with a slightly laidback approach to the music. This time, however, the band’s music if fully electrified. The song begins with a slow pace and an easy feel to the music. This is mainly how the track proceeds except for a short burst near the middle of the track when the band picks up the pace a little. And the band adds a little bit of energy with a stronger feel to the music near the middle of the track when a strong electric guitar solo occurs.

The Philadelphia-based band continues their newest release with the track “One of These Things” With this track the band creates a song that contains a strong Indie Rock feel to the music. Like the two previous tracks on the release, the music on “One of These Things” has an easy feel to the pace as the song seems to simply glide along. It is that easy approach to the music that truly brings out the Indie feel to the track. The song’s complete line of “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” should jog the listener’s memory and remind them of something from their youths; especially if you grew up watching certain shows on PBS.     

For the final track of the band’s new EP, All This Huxley takes their music in a slightly different direction than the rest of the release. While the four earlier tracks contain some Alternative Rock influence, the song “Ring Buoy” takes the band’s music in a Classic Rock direction. The song “Ring Buoy” feels as if it would have fit right in with songs from the mid-to-late sixties. Some of the reasons for that would be the inclusion of the organ in the background of the track as well as the acoustic guitar on the track. Specifically, the music of the track along with the feel of the lyrics on the track brings to mind the style of a band like The Doors; although, the track does not have any psychedelic feel to the music.

For those who enjoyed the music of the nineties, this self-titled release from the Philadelphia band All This Huxley should fill your need for something new from that time period. And for those who weren’t around at that time, All This Huxley’s new self-titled EP is a quick five-song release that features strong songs from the very first track.


For more information, check out All This Huxley’s PR Firm, Whiplash Marketing & Whizkid Management. Click on the logo below to visit their site. 







All This Huxley’s new self-titled EP is not yet released. The band will be putting the EP out a little later in the year. The album will be released in July 2019. All This Huxley is getting the word out on this EP a little earlier to drum up interest for when the EP is actually available. Keep watching the band’s Facebook page for complete information.

Until All This Huxley’s self-titled EP is released, check out the song “Comrade II” from the yet-to-be-released EP. 


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CD Review: White Buffalo Woman “Foolish Hearts”

White Buffalo Woman is a Rock and Roll band out of Northeast Ohio. The band creates their Rock and Roll sound by combining Soul and Blues together to create a rather timeless style. Together as a band, White Buffalo Woman has released several EPs and two albums throughout their time. The latest album from the band was released a little over a month ago. For the sake of their newest album, the band is comprised of Evan Rutledge on vocals, Adam Murphy on guitar, Devin Bezeredi on Guitar, Alex Leggett on Bass and Joe Wales on drums with help from Chris Leonardi on keys. The resulting new release from White Buffalo Woman is entitled Foolish Hearts.

The Foolish Hearts release from White Buffalo Woman begins with the track “Love Resolution”. The track’s musical blend features a Rock and Roll sound revolving around the sound of the electric guitar. The track features a strong Rock backbone but is also rather heavy on a Pop influence. The resulting sound of the track puts the band’s music somewhere in the range of the seventies with a strong retro feel that makes it seem even older than that. “Love Resolution” is a rather laidback track that allows the listener to get acquainted with the music from White Buffalo Woman before the band truly lets loose.

And speaking of letting loose, the album continues with the track “Cryin’ Shame,” a track that again features a retro feel to the music, creating a song that fits into the Classic Rock genre. Much like the song “Old Time Rock and Roll” from Bob Seger, “Cryin’ Shame” from White Buffalo Woman takes the musical feel from the first track and bumps the intensity of the music up a notch. The reason for the increase of the Classic Rock feel of the song comes from the inclusion of Chris Leonardi’s piano that helps add that Bob Seger influence to the song. The more retro feel to the music and the stronger energy of the track creates a track that would easily fit on any Classic Rock format.

As the release continues, White Buffalo Woman continues to keep the music of their new album in a Classic Rock vein. Nowhere is that more evident than on the track “Honey Love”. The music for the track feels very familiar to anyone who enjoys Classic Rock. That is because the track seems to be influenced by the likes of the Band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The guitar-driven track features a sound and style featuring a light twang that Petty’s music is famous for. “Honey Love” is strong enough and has of a fresh feel that the track could fit right in with today’s Modern Rock music while still carrying that Tom Petty influence.

Just like the previous tracks on the album, “Wasting My Time” contains a strong timeless feel to the music. But unlike the tracks that came before it, “Wasting My Time” finds the band taking the feel of the music back even further as the track contains a Rockabilly feel to the music that would fit in with early Rock and Roll from the likes of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The resulting feel of the music could easily put this track into the Americana music genre.

The track “Do You Ever Think of Me” continues the band’s obsession with Classic Rock. The strong guitars on the track as well as the organ in the background combine to create a track that contains a straight-out Rock and Roll sound with plenty of energy to the music. The resulting feel of the track would once again place the music from White Buffalo Woman into the late sixties/early seventies. “Do You Ever Think of Me” is such a timeless song that it would easily fit on Classic Rock radio formats.

If any track on the Foolish Hearts album from White Buffalo Woman falls into the “timeless” category, it would have to be “Drowning in Love”. While that song title may conjure up visions of something rather soft and ballad-like, nothing could be further from the truth with this song. The music of “Drowning in Love” contains just as much Rock and Roll influence as “Honey Love” or “Cryin’ Shame” from earlier in the album. The strong guitars and the moderate tempo on the track help give the song a Classic Rock feel that brings to mind classic Rolling Stones tracks from the band’s early days.

As you listen to the Foolish Hearts album from Canton, Ohio’s White Buffalo Woman, you can find yourself thinking back to the classic eras of Rock and Roll when some of the best music from the genre was created. If you want an album that is based more on the Classic Rock days of Rock and Roll as opposed to the more recent music found on Pop/Rock radio formats of today, this release is just what you need to help fill out your music collection. Foolish Hearts from White Buffalo Woman is a solid Rock and Roll album that contains ten tracks of great Rock and Roll.

Click HERE for the video to the track “Love Resolution”.

To check out the Foolish Hearts album from White Buffalo Woman, click on the album cover below:

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CD Review: Skunky Rooster “Buskers’ Blusterade”

Singer/guitarist Scott Rath and drummer Seth Pappas are two musicians that have very similar histories as far as their time in the music industry is concerned. After years of playing behind some of the biggest names in the business, both musicians figured they should create their own music. After finding each other, the two created the band Skunky Rooster. With the help of several other musicians to help flesh out the band’s sound (especially on bass), an album was created. That album is entitled Buskers’ Blusterade.

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CD Review: Dan Hubbard and the Humadors “The Love Show”

Dan Hubbard spent time on his own as a singer-songwriter, during which he created several albums of music that combined rock with elements of blues, folk, blues and country. When he hooked up with three talented musicians to play concert dates, a strong musical unit was created, forming the group Dan Hubbard and the Humadors.

Recently, Dan Hubbard and the Humadors released their newest album. 2011’s The Love Show is a strong release that captures Hubbard’s blend of Americana music, and the band (consisting of Scott McRae on bass and electric guitar; Kyle Yap on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and ½ whistle; and Kevin Yarger on drums) really help bring Hubbard’s musical vision to life.

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CD Review: Moonlight Towers “Day is the New Night”

Day Is The New Night is the third album by Moonlight Towers, a band from Austin that takes its name from the city’s tall vintage streetlights. The guys in Moonlight Towers cherish the three minute pop rock song and hope this third release is the charm. In their own words, they enjoy “writing, recording and playing real rock’n’roll with a hearty pop kick, and being a genuine band. It’s really that simple.”

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CD Review: Kasey Anderson and The Honkies “Heart of a Dog”

This Seattle and Portland-based band is composed of Kasey Anderson (vocals, guitar, percussion), Andrew KcKeag (guitar, vocals), Eric Corson (bass) and Mike Musburger (drums). Some of these names may be familiar to you – McKeag has spent time in Presidents of the United States of America and The Long Winters, Corson in The Long Winters, and Musburger in The Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows, The Posies, The Supersuckers, and countless other cult Seattle power pop and indie rock bands. The band resents the label “roots rock” and just wanted to make a straight up “rock and roll record” this time around.

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They may best be known for their hit ’80s tune, but The Outfield are back in full force and ready to please again with their upcoming 2011 release

2011 will mark the return of the original trio behind ’80s pop rock sensation The Outfield – John Spinks (guitar, keyboard), Tony Lewis (bass, vox) and Alan Jackman (drums). The new album, due out in the spring, does not have an official title yet, but there have been rumors it will be “Pennyfields.” Grammy award winning producer David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, The Strokes and The Outfield’s Voices of Babylon) plays keyboards on two tracks for the new album, “California Sun” and “In Your Company.” All of the new songs have been written by John Spinks and produced by The Outfield with executive production by John Spinks. In addition, Sony Music Group will be releasing a new Best Of: The Outfield as part of their Playlist Series due out in January of 2011, which will include the forthcoming single, “California Sun.” In the meantime, we caught up with the members of The Outfield to find out more about the band – past, present and future.

Q: It has been a long time since we’ve heard from The Outfield, especially as the original trio! How does it feel to be up at bat once again?

Tony: Alan came back and re-joined last year and liked the material we were working on. He wanted to play drums to a couple of tracks and we ended up recording Alan for every track! It’s great having the original trio back. It’s more special this time around.

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Ingram Hill’s Justin Moore talks new album, label change, best band name ever, and reveals his Milli Vanilli-loving days

Ingram Hill is a pop rock trio based in Memphis, TN, excited to release their third album, Look Your Best, on September 28. Look Your Best is their first record on the Rock Ridge Music label, following 2004’s June’s Picture Show, which yielded the hits “Will I Ever Make it Home” and “Almost Perfect”, and 2007’s excellent, but underrated, Cold In California. We had the honor to ask Ingram Hill’s Justin Moore about the band’s new record and recent label change, and discover his secret Milli Vanilli-loving days.

Q: Thank for taking the time for the interview. I understand you and [guitarist] Phil have been friends since kindergarten, so I would guess that by now you almost read each other’s minds – How has your lifelong friendship factored into the songwriting for Ingram Hill?

A: Thanks for interviewing us! I think at this point, we just try to impress each other with our songwriting. Since we’ve known each other for so long, it takes a lot to get a compliment out of one another, so we really just try to get a reaction. Half the time I already know what one of his songs is going to sound like, as he does mine, so if we can get a “wow” out of each other, it’s a good thing.