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Discovering Unsigned Bands – DiscoverUnsigned.Com and Underground Musix

If you are an even casual reader of The Rock and Roll Report you will know that we are passionate about discovering, promoting and playing unsigned rock and roll bands and artists. It is what we are all about. But we are not the only ones who care about promoting unsigned bands, not by a long shot. Two sites I have come across share the same passion and you should check them out if you care about all the great music that is being made but that people don’t get the chance to hear.

The first site is called DiscoverUnsigned.Com. According to site co-founder Tom Ross, DiscoverUnsigned.Com passionately promotes the best unsigned bands, and provides awesome content such as interviews, backstage videos and even a monthly album that any band can apply to be a part of. The monthly album pays out generous royalties to artists and is completely free for them to join. They have just released the details of their first monthly release and I highly recommend you check them out.

The second site is called Underground Musix. This site is aimed at all genres of unsigned music and features a wide array of French-language artists and bands. You have to become a member but that allows you to set up a profile and engage in the more social aspects of the site.

Spend some time on both these pages and I am sure you will find something you will like. Music has become so boring because all we hear is what commercial media wants us to hear. With sites like these, you can call the shots for a change.