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CD Review: Rusty Willoughby “Cobirds Unite”

Remember when listening to music turned into your own personal soundtrack? Well, Cobirds Unite, born from a collaboration between Rusty Willoughby and Rachel Flotard, would be the perfect soundtrack for a road movie. Fresh off of her album with Visqueen, Rachel Flotard is at it again. The union has spawned an album of clouds and imagination that is perfect for travelers, dreamers and all-around music lovers.

This album is chock-full of goodies. From the swampy guitar on “Cobirds Unite” to the melodic strumming on “Crown of Thorns,” there is something for every person and every mood. The folky melodies are perfectly complemented by Flotard’s harmonies, giving the whole album a float-y, dream-like quality.

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Plastic, Queen and Musical Suits: An interview with Visqueen’s Rachel Flottard

Rachel Flottard, lead singer of Seattle-based rock band Visqueen, recently sat down to talk to R&RR about the band’s latest album, Message to Garcia, fighting bioterrorism, Bugs Bunny as inspiration and much more…

Q: As you probably know, Visqueen is a plastic material that was thought to be useful against a bioterrorist threat, so was there a particular message that you wanted to send by using that as a name? How did you come up with it?


A: Well, it had “Queen” in it. We are all Freddie Mercury addicts. Technically, the fabulous Kim Warnick, our bassist at the time, actually picked the name. It was a word she’d always liked as a kid and it resonated with the rest of us. Only by default did we turn out to be fighters of bioterrorism. It actually made me feel bad for Anthrax. Especially Scott Ian’s beard.