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Nasty Little Lonely (formerly Rock In Your Pocket)

The good city of Bristol and the whole South West region in the UK has a thriving music scene, the city of Bristol is packed with so many good music venues covering all styles and genres. And then there are the bands. One band band called Rock In Your Pocket was formed in Bristol back in 2009 and they caught my attention very quickly when I found their initial two songs ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ and ‘Le Son De L’argent (Dirty Hands)’ online. Both of these songs have such a strong fusion of styles which entrapped my enthusiasm for this band. ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ gels to form a plastic/elastic explosively punked up song. ‘Dirty Hands’ has also been used on the band’s debut album Gutterdub. Nasty Little Lonely are beyond pigeonholing into any specific genre or comparison but they are erogenously eclectic as they mix the power of punk and grunge into a flux with a dash of dub and a light spicing of guitar psychedelia.

Nasty Little Lonely

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January’s Women Who Rock – Triple R Girl is Manda Mosher

MandaMosher2 webIntro and Interview by: Christi Broekemeier

Live Photo Credit: Vince Jimenez

It’s not often that an interviewer and interviewee become great friends; this is a transient industry after all, but in the case of Manda Mosher and I we hit it off from the first day we connected about 4 years ago and since we have seen one another morph and change both in our careers and personal lives. In fact I think that I can be one of her harshest critics rather than one that simply hands out the compliments left and right because I know what she is capable of doing. Also, while I tend to interview female musicians more than male (though both are great) artists Manda has been one of my favorite Indie artists male or female that I have ever come across. With an amazing voice, soul and songs that seem as if they are speaking to the listener and only the listener- I know why over the last year her career has been taking off-now allowing her to work with such famous people as Kevin Costner and his band. Signed to Red Parlor Records in the last year or so; she has been working extra hard to build the great fan base who tends to show up to her shows in spades.

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Rock and Roll Report TV Episode 6 – We Head out to the Hollywood Music and Media Awards!

RRR TV HMMAs ep1 1.2222 siteWith this episode of Rock and Roll Report TV we begin our coverage of the Hollywood Music and Media Awards (or HMMAs) held recently at the world famous venue The Highlands in Hollywood, California.

Join RRR TV host Summer Rona as she chats with event founder and head honcho Jim DeCicco about what makes the HMMAs so different from all of the other awards shows out there and how independent musicians are at the core of what they do.

Look for our continuing coverage of the HMMAs in the weeks to come.

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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl for December is Samantha Gibb

samanthagibb coverHello cats and kittens!

Our last Triple R Girl of 2009 is the very multi-talented, very gravitational SAMANTHA GIBB. She formed her band, MEG, in Miami Beach, FL, in 2002. The band consists of her dearest friends from club days on South Beach. MEG is Samantha Gibb (lead vocals, piano/keys, and rhythm guitar), Lazaro Rodriguez (lead guitar, piano/keys, percussion, and back-up vocals), and Nick Sallons (bass, percussion, and back-up vocals). The MEG/Samantha sound is melodic rock/alternative with touches of electronica and some yummy bass. It’s romance, soul, hope, melancholy and beats, all rolled into one.

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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #64 – The Best Thing to Stick In Your Ears!

mandy with ipodAfter an unavoidable delay The Rock and Roll Report Podcast is back and ready to rock your socks off! This week I once again went all over the rock and roll map with some 60’s inspired tunes, some heavy stuff, some punk and some sunny pop tunes. It’s what I like to refer to as a trip to the rock and roll buffet!

As usual you have a wide range of styles from a wider range of bands and artists who are either unsigned or are signed to independent record labels. If you like what you hear please consider supporting these bands in a tangible way by buying their music, going to their shows and buying their merch.

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November’s Triple R Girl -Women Who Rock is Soul Punk Rocker Kitana Andrews

Kitana CoverIntroducing our Triple R Girl for November: Kitana Andrews, a.k.a. “Pink Chocolate,” is the ferocious and sexy front woman of Brooklyn Soul Punk band, Sister Anne!

What exactly is “Soul Punk” you ask? Kitana describes Sister Anne’s special sound as a potent mix of punk rock, a lil’ melodic metal, and rounded out with the soul that comes naturally when your singer grew up in the high-energy gospel church.

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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Picture Me Broken

Picture Me BrokenI was invited to see a “Melodic Hard Rock” band that just happened to have some “Screamo” thrown in. “Picture Me Broken” is such a band and I was invited to their open showcase in Los Angles a few weeks ago. Sure I live in the LA basin, but the show was at 7:00pm on a Friday evening in the heart of Hollywood and I just wasn’t sure I wanted to take the two hour ride with my husband and 14 year old daughter through the streets of Orange County and Downtown LA to get to the small studio to see a band belonging to a musical genre I am just not too into in the first place. But I went, because after a long week I thought it would be great to get out for a show that possibly (but unlikely) my entire family could enjoy and relate to… But I was so very wrong in my assumption… because all three of us had a blast!

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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl For October is Camille Escobedo of Beretta76

coverWelcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Triple R Girl feature! I’m your new editor, Allegra. Listen up, people: ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY, and I’ll tell you what – WOMEN own it!

Our October Triple R Girl of 2009 is Camille Escobedo. She’s not only the front woman of Beretta76; she’s also the songwriter/guitarist/glue that brings the band together.

They rock. Imagine an amalgamation of garage/punk/rock/sex + awesome, and there you have it. Camille is our Triple R Girl because she’s talented, gorgeous, and knows how to make it happen. She and her band are on their way, and we hope our interview with her will inspire other women to ROCK.

We, at the Rock and Roll Report, are THRILLED to have had some one on one time with Camille, and here’s what happened:

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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl for September is Yogini and Guitar Slinger Debra From Devi

Debra from Devi, color photo by Guzman for cover

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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl: Brijitte West – She Plays Guitar Like a Boy but Walks Like a Girl!

Brijitte West Cover