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CD Review: The Great Valley “Wrecking Ball” [EP]

A BIG sound from the small state of Delaware…Brothers Louis & Nick Matos, working under the moniker of The Great Valley, have just released their debut 5-song EP, “Wrecking Ball”. The Matos boys fuse power pop with modern and alternative rock, but play it with the punch of punk. The result is a mix that has a little something for everyone. But even more important than their talent to homogenize multiple rock styles into one of their own, these guys can write some damn catchy hooks.

The EP is a fury of pop rock energy – concentrated into bite-size tunes that are as sweet and crunchy as a Nestle bar. Super tight in their playing and in the production, “Wrecking Ball” will shatter your preconceptions that rock is dead. But beyond the sonic goodness of their guitar tones, The Great Valley has a keen pop sensibility and they know exactly what chords and melodies make a song memorable. The Great Valley stands to have wide cross-over potential – seriously, this is one of the best EPs I’ve heard so far this year, and it is going to be hard to top!

All five of these tracks are winners, but if I had to choose favorites, the title track and “Above The City” would be my picks. Fans of Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, and Simple Plan – you must check these guys out now! Awesome!

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The Great Valley on MySpace.