Talking the Rock Talk. Walking the Rock Walk.

Years ago I played drums in a number of bar bands with little left of the experience but good memories and a pile of broken drum sticks that for some reason I refuse to throw out. In the back of my mind I had always wanted to get another drum set but it always remained one of those “some day soon” things that you never seem to get around to doing. Strangely enough I was dealing with a supplier in my day job and since I knew he was a drummer we started talking about drums and he mentioned that he had a set for sale at a great price if I was interested. I hemmed and hawed but finally decided to take the plunge so after Christmas I will take delivery of a cool gloss black 5 piece drum set and once again start pounding the skins. Ever since I started this website I have been amazed at what an indie musician could accomplish with the tools at their disposal. Not that I plan on making music my career at this point in the game (talent for the most part is usually a prerequisite!) but it will be fun to experiment with a lot of the stuff available and hopefully I’ll be able to knock out a couple of MP3s for fun. I have started to round up a couple of guitarist buddies and things should start falling into (or out of) place in the next few months. It will be really nice to play music again instead of just writing about and listening to it. I’m just not looking forward to the blisters on my fingers!