Tall Grass Captains of Greater Chicago- “She Moved Through” (Ubique)

Tgcogccover A record that is an elegy to family and friends lost in recent years would at first blush not be something that I would immediately feel an urge to toss on the CD player but after listening to “She Moved Through” by Tall Grass Captains of Greater Chicago I found myself drawn into the music and have returned to it enthusiastically ever since I played it for the first time about a week ago. A sprawling sonic epic that weaves its’ way through a number of styles and sounds, “She Moved Through” is a fascinating and rewarding rock and roll journey that at times reminded me of a band like Wilco while at other times of nobody else at all. This record definitely scales the peaks and valleys of rock and roll with a couple of mid-fast tempo rockers as well as plenty of slow, meandering musical landscapes that surprisingly don’t bog your listening down. You can get a sample of the record by listening to Her Love has Time Defied, World Exploding and Queen of a Million Blinking Eyes but really, in this day and age of downloads where albums seem to be almost an antiquated concept, I think experiencing the complete album from start to end (preferably on a good set of headphones) would be the proper way to experience “She Moved Through.” I know that’s the way I have listened to it on numerous occasions over the last few days. Another classic by songwriter Mark Mattson, his long time collaborator Craig Swafford and Jeremy Heroldt. Impressive.