The A-Sides – Hello, Hello (Prison Jazz Records)

A_sides_1 You know that feeling of anticipation you get when you buy a record from a band that has really impressed you in the past and you are hoping with all your might that their new record is even better than the last thing they put out? That’s how I felt when I put on “Hello, Hello” from The A-Sides. Ever since hearing “Seeing Suzy” I knew these guys from Philly were special and sure enough, from the first listen of Sidewalk Chalk and Park Avenue I knew that I was in for a treat. But for me, the killer track is “Jump Back Jack” which reminds me of early Who and had me hitting repeat on my CD player 5 times after first hearing it. Not only that but I was singing “Jump back Jack you’ll have a heart attack” all day after my first listen. Fantastic rock and roll that smacks of the aforementioned early Who, Kinks, Revolver-era Beatles and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys. A real delight that is in constant rotation on my CD player. Great stuff. Highly recommended.