The April Line-Up for the Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT FM

the_3_amigos.jpgJust wanted to let you all know the April 2007 line-up for the Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT FM.

April is an important month at CKUT as the annual fundraising marathon takes place then. Needless to say the money raised during the 2 weeks of this marathon are essential for a community station like CKUT and it enables us to bring listeners both in Montreal and beyond voices and sounds not heard on commercial radio. The 3 Amigos will be doing their part to help out the station by hosting their 3 Amigos Fundraising Extravaganza on the 30th. This year the theme of the marathon will be “Good Vibrations” and we will be vibrating all over the place playing covers of songs you know played by bands you have probably never heard of! Make sure you tune in and have a listen and by all means if you could pledge something, anything we would be eternally grateful. There will be all kinds of premiuns and stuff for those making pledges so check it out and send us some love.

I will be back with my monthy blast of Rock and Roll Report Radio on the 16th so make sure you stop by and feed your ears and say hi.

April 2007 Schedule

April 2nd, 2007 – Doug Ford brings his usual assortment of rock and roll mayhem to the airwaves
April 9th – Armitage Shanks is back with only the finest in UK indie rock and roll
April 16th – Yours truly kicks out the jams with Rock and Roll Report Radio
April 23rd – The monthly 3 Amigos Spectacular – Live radio with a rock and roll twist
April 30th – The 3 Amigos Fundraising Extravaganza – Pledge your love as we play obscure covers by obcure bands….obscurely!