The Audities best of 2004

One of my fabourite online groups that I subscribe to is the Audities list (archived on Yahoo) and every year the list members compile their “best of” which is always worth reading as there are countless CDs that you may have missed throughout the year that you might want to go and pick up ASAP. So here they are as compiled by list member Mike Bennett with his commentary leading (click on the artist/band name to go to their website, click on the album name to order it):

I had suspected that Brian Wilson would dominate this
year’s poll and that came as no surprise. After that,
however, I had no clue what would sway the hearts,
minds and ears of all of you in Auditeerland. 139
blue-eyed (and brown, hazel, and so forth) ever lovin’
Auditeers presented their favorites to the list and/or
to me, and this is the consensus that we have reached.
And, if you ask me, it’s ,yet again, another
excellent list of music.

This year, there is a great blend of core power pop
artists, the type of artists that are the life blood
of this list, artists who so many of us want to know
about, and who are probably glad there’s a place like
Audities that is waiting to hear about them.
Interspersed are some other titles that rank among the
best music of 2004. Insanely great pop means all
kinds of pop, and there’s a number of flavors here to
be sampled.

Once again, thanks to everyone who voted. Getting to
hear from so many people, including people who might
not otherwise post the rest of the year, is part of
what makes doing this so much fun. – Mike Bennett

1. Brian Wilson – Presents Smile

2. Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand

3. Eugene Edwards – My Favorite Revolution
My Favorite Revolution

4. Green DayAmerican Idiot (541)

5. Cliff HillisBetter Living Through Compression

6. The Finn BrothersEveryone Is Here

7. LolasSomething You Oughta Know (359)

8. Tears For FearsEverybody Loves a Happy Ending


9. AC NewmanSlow Wonder

10. Dogs Die In Hot CarsPlease Describe Yourself


11. KeaneHopes & Fears

12. Candy ButchersHang on Mike

13. The RosenbergsDepartment School Girl (265)

14. Nellie McKayGet Away From Me

15. Chris StameyTravels in the South

16. Michael CarpenterRolling Ball

17. Adam MarslandYou Don’t Own Me (209)

18. Todd RundgrenLiars

19. SpymobSitting Around Keeping Score

20. Elliot Smith – from a basement on the hill

The Next 30 artists receiving the most votes (i.e.,
the remainder of the Top 50):

21. Wilco (187)

22. (tie) The Arcade Fire (Funeral)
The Killers
(Hot Fuss
)Ted Leo + Pharmacists

25. Loretta Lynn (184)

26. Diving Comedy (181)

27. David Grahame (177)

28. Jellybricks (174)

29. The Futureheads (173)

30. The Well Wishers (168)

31. John Hoskinson (167)

32. Eytan Mirsky (158)

33. Matthew Sweet (155)

34. Velvet Crush (152)

35. Dungen (141)

36. U2 (136)

37. (tie) Bronco Bullfrog (132)
Trash Can Sinatras

39. Scissor Sisters (129)

40. (tie) The Streets (126)
Silver Sun (126)

42. Seth Swirsky (125)

43. Jamie Hoover & Bill Lloyd (120)

44. Farrah (116)

45. Guided By Voices (115)

46. (tie) The Argument (110)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters

48. Jill Sobule (108)

49. (tie) Fastball (105)
Butch Walker

I highly recommend you join this list if you love rock and roll. Enjoy.