The Beatles Aren’t the Greatest! The Beatles Aren’t the Greatest!

XFM reports that Q Magazine have released their Top 50 Bands list. Here are the top 20, you can read the rest of them on XFM’s site. Keep in mind that this list was based for the most part on a combination of albums sold and gigs played:

1 Pink Floyd
2 Led Zeppelin
3 Rolling Stones
4 U2
5 Queen
6 Dire Straits
7 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
8 The Beatles
9 Bob Marley and the Wailers
10 Fleetwood Mac
11 The Eagles
12 The Beach Boys
13 Oasis
14 Bon Jovi
15 Guns N’ Roses
16 Nirvana
17 Genesis
18 Bee Gees
19 Metallica
20 Boston

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. WHERE ARE THE WHO?!?!? Seriosly the who are very undrrated I think, I mean they released Tommy, Live at Leeds, Who’s Next, and Quadrophenia, arguably rocks best albums ever, yet they’re not on this list? This is an outrage!

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