The Creators Project delivers unforgettable events celebrating art, music, and technology worldwide

New York City summers consist of two things: unbearable heat, and cultural events. And while the first makes for some stinky subway rides, the latter provides an array of free concerts in our parks, and so many opportunities to see music you may not normally get a chance to experience live.

This summer in particular began with a splash, as the first in a series of events called, The Creators Project, kicked off in the meatpacking district of NYC. Hipsters from every path of life assembled for one day only in the Milk Studios office (turned party house) to celebrate a mosh pit of art, music, and technology. With partners such as Intel and VICE (one of my faves!) it was guaranteed to be a sweet time. The brilliance of this event lied in its simplicity. As we all know, music can inspire art as much as the other way around, so to collide the two in one of the most creative melting pots of the world was bound to be a success. The music lineup included acts such as The Rapture, Gang Gang Dance, Sleigh Bells, Die Antwoord, Interpol, Neon Indian, M.I.A, and Mark Ronson, and the highlight of the day proved to be the Sleigh Bells (a New York based electro-rock duo) who blew the roof with their hard rock, hip-hop, dance fusion sound.What makes these folks so interesting is the juxtaposition of Alexis Krausse’s sweet poppy voice, against the synth-heavy music.

I also had a chance to check out Interpol perform, and was pleased to hear some of their older tunes played along with pieces from their self-titled new album. During an earlier interview, singer Paul Banks mentioned his throat wasn’t doing well and was worried about his performance, yet once he was on stage everything sounded quite alright to me! The party continued later that night with performances by concrete jungle vixen M.I.A, whose performance was as electrifying as I could have ever imagined. The heat-struck, drunken crowd couldn’t have been more excited to dance their asses off to her stuff. In my own heat-induced stupor I stood off to the side, where members of indie duo Telepathe danced along with the rest of the crowd, and thought to myself – this is a special NYC kinda moment, and I’m pretty darn lucky to be a part of it!

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