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CD Review: The Front End “Growing Pains”

Having taken their name from a joke of sorts, The Front End from Allentown, PA proves that they are more than just friends as their friendship began at work and then expanded when the trio decided to create a band. The three musicians of Louis Holzman (drums), Gabriel Defalcis (guitar, vox) and Kory Hartz (guitar, vox) create a band that fuses genres like Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock and Punk. With that mix of influences, the band’s sound is largely Alternative with a large amount of Punk influence from a band like Blink-182. Together, the trio has released two EPs; the newer being Growing Pains.

Growing Pains from The Front End begins with the track “Mandigo”. The track has plenty of Alternative Rock influence, but also contains a generous amount of Math Rock influence to the music. That influence is felt in the ever-changing rhythm of the track as the band speeds things up at points and then slows things down only a few seconds later. While the band changes the rhythm throughout the track, there is still a solid feel to the music to keep the beat strong. One of the standout things about the track is the playing on the lead guitar as a very strong, and melodic guitar part featuring chord progressions to add plenty of melody and flavor to the music.

The Front End’s EP called Growing Pains continues with the track “Uncle Tony”. Just like with the previous track, the track begins with a very strong guitar part featuring strong chord progressions. Those progressions at the very beginning of the track gives the song an immediately hit of melody before the rest of the track begins. The rest of the track is a slightly slower track than the previous song. The track “Uncle Tony” contains music that continues to build from a light Rock approach to a much harder musical approach. And with the inclusion of the bass on the track gives even more energy to the song. The energy of the music matches the dark lyrics about a relative who took his own life. The final third of the track finds The Front End finally reaching a peak where the energy of the music is very strong. The way the music builds throughout the song keeps the listener anticipating where the band will take the song.

Although the first two tracks on their current EP of Growing Pains contains a melodic Rock and Roll approach, The Front End creates a track in “Toes in the Sand” that changes the pace of the EP. The four musicians of Louis, Gabriel, Kory and their bassist Jim create a track that abandons the previous style for something a lot more energetic. The resulting song of “Toes in the Sand” blends the band’s punk/rock style with a large amount of Screamo. The resulting track once again finds the band making a track that has an alternating style to the music.

The release of Growing Pains from The Front End comes to an end with the track “Missed Connections”. Having just created a track with a lot of energy, “Missed Connections” slows things down quite a bit with a Rock and Roll style with just a little Reggae influence to the music. Before long, however, the music of the track changes directions and speeds up. Like with the rest of the EP, there’s plenty of variety that comes in the music to this track.

One of the great things about the songs that make up the Growing Pains EP from The Front End is that the band incorporates plenty of different styles and musical approaches in their music. The four tracks that make up the EP show a lot of potential for a band that has not been around all that long.

Just recently, The Front End added to their musical library with a brand new track. The band is currently recording a new album that will be released in the near future and because of that, they have just released the new song entitled “Hey God”. Being released only a few months after the release of Growing Pains, “Hey God” shows a lot of progression as the band seems a lot tighter in their playing. With the new track, the band seems to have incorporated a little more of a commercial feel to their music. The song “Hey, God” has a definite pop-ish feel to their Alternative Rock music. And while the music seems to be a little more commercial, the choice of subject matter is not so much. The questioning of why things are the way they are is something many people work through every day. But to do it in a song is rather unusual. The new track from The Front End shows the band staying strong in their musical direction while also getting tighter in their delivery.

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