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The Indie News Beat for the week of July 5, 2005


July 5, 2005 Edition

* Songs That Will Never Win A Grammy

* World Premiere Of Jann Klose’s Digital EP At

* MusicDish Network & AirPlay Direct Partner To Increase Radio Coverage

* Clickpop Records Has Initial Success With Idiot Pilot & Kristin Allen-Zito

* Opulent Records Becomes A Label And Releases It’s First Album

* Oasis CD Manufacturing and HostBaby Team Up

* Charlotte Songwriter Distributed To 70,000 French Magazine Subscribers

* In Good Faith Entertainment Forges Relationship With Mantra PR

* Debbie Hennessey Included On CMT CD

* Skope Magazine Summer Fest 2005

Songs That Will Never Win A Grammy

The very unknown, very unpopular and very uncommercial RockPopJazzClassical group the primeTime sublime Community Orchestra (pTsCO) wants to be famous. They’ve tried everything: dressed up in weird costumes, smashed their violins on stage, dated famous actresses and even appeared in a sex video. After 2 minor selling albums and performances in empty concert halls around the world, the pTsCO have released their 3rd CD Songs That Will Never Win A Grammy. The album is sure to be ignored by The New York Times and all the other major publications, radio and media outlets.

Utilizing the latest voice synthesis technology developed by AT&T and the Yamaha Corporation, all of the songs on the new CD are sung by a computer.

Songs That Will Never Win A Grammy is an eclectic mix of pop songs and soundbites with contributions by Richard Nixon, Hillary Clinton, both George Bushes, and other celebrities. From the majestic opening of Curb Your God which features 7 different digital singers (and one very out-of-tune human singer), to the singing cockroach on Rainbow Seeds of Mass Destruction, the vocals sound as if by human performers not a machine.


World Premiere Of Jann Klose’s Digital EP At

Jann Klose will let fans preview his new Digital EP "Live at the Bitter End, NYC" exclusively at his page in advance of retail release date on July 5.

Available from June 30th at, fans will be able to stream all 4 tracks from the new Digital EP, including brand new Klose songs "Beautiful Dream," and "Doing Time," plus a jammin’ live version of "Walk Through The River," which was originally recorded for Klose’s 2004 EP, BLACK BOX, as well as a lucid, call & response rendition of T-Bone Walker’s "Stormy Monday Blues."

Fans attending Jann Klose’s digital EP release party on July 5th at NYC’s Bitter End will receive instructions to download the Digital EP FREE of charge. In addition to the 4 tracks it includes a live video clip and gig photo wallpaper from the May 12th Bitter End show. Starting July 5th, "Live at the Bitter End, NYC" will be available from Jann Klose’s site for $1.99. And if you can’t make the Digital EP party don’t fret – Jann will be touring up-and-down the East coast over the month of August (tour dates below).


MusicDish Network & AirPlay Direct Partner To Increase Radio Coverage

The MusicDish Network, a web content syndicator for music sites and webradio stations, has partnered with AirPlay Direct a web-based digital delivery system allowing artists and record labels to submit their music directly to radio stations around the world.

MusicDish Network will distribute music from its artists and labels through AirPlay Direct’s digital delivery system. Radio stations will be able to preview and then download broadcast quality music from its artists for airing on their station. The partnership will complement MusicDish Network’s webradio and digital distribution partners such as Audio Graphics, TrakHeadz/NCIAA and The Record Pool through which it reaches DJs & radio programmers worldwide.

"Partnerships such as this one are key to our goal of providing saturated exposure for our artists & labels," commented MusicDish Network’s Eric de Fontenay. "As digital music and webradio grows, it will be essential to saturate these new markets in order to be noticed and build a fan base."

"The MusicDish Network has a great track record and has done a tremendous job of helping artists achieve success on many levels and across varied platforms. We look forward to working with the MusicDish Network to help them deliver their music globally in a faster, more secure, and extremely cost effective manner," said Robert Weingartz, a Partner at AirPlay Direct.


Clickpop Records Has Initial Success With Idiot Pilot And Singer/songwriter Kristin Allen-Zito

In business for just over one year, Clickpop Records has already hit a home run with Strange We Should Meet Here, the debut album from the duo Idiot Pilot. Blending elements of twitchy electronica, dream pop guitar melodicism and the primal scream of post-hardcore vocal aggression, Strange We Should Meet Here was Clickpop’s inaugural release. Shortly after it came out, the disc was picked up by Warner Brothers/Reprise, which has re-released the album and signed Idiot Pilot to a multi-CD recording artist development deal, confirmation that Clickpop chiefs Dave Richards and Paul Turpin are two music industry vets possessed of a keen insight into the record-buying public’s hunger for adventurous new sounds in popular music.

It was a major achievement for a brand new label and a fledgling band from the small college town of Bellingham, Washington. Located between the musical meccas of Vancouver and Seattle, Bellingham has all the makings of another Athens, Georgia. "There’s a huge music scene here," says Turpin. "Everybody’s in a band. Everybody goes to see the local bands. But so far, it’s all been very insular. The scene stays in Bellingham. That.s what we’re hoping to change."

Dave Richards had already launched the indie Rebel Alliance label when he landed in Bellingham in 2001 and opened the successful record shop Sonic Index, while simultaneously embarking on a career as a much-in-demand house and down-tempo DJ. Seeking out a facility to record, mix and master Rebel Alliance releases, Richards found producer/musician Paul Turpin, proprietor of Bellingham’s top commercial sound studio, Bayside Recording. Idiot Pilot was one of the acts that Turpin had been working with for some time, helping nurture teenage wunderkinder Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson through a variety of stylistic evolutions.


Opulent Records Becomes A Label And Releases It’s First Album With National Exposure And New Technologies

After obtaining private funding from a local Cincinnati Angel and friend, music manager Jason Appleton launches Opulent Records with its first label release On July 19th, 2005 by indie rock foursome Extra Blue Kind entitled The Tide And The Undertow. Extra Blue Kind melds pop sensibilities, the best of modern rock with the right amount of memorable hooks and pure unadulterated energy to create a unique and irresistible sound.

Having worked in music management for almost 4 years Jason Appleton has established a solid foundation to build from with intent on establishing Opulent Records as what he refers to as an artist development label. Opulents first group, Extra Blue Kind, an indie rock group out of Indianapolis, IN will be releasing their debut full length album The Tide And the Undertow on July 19th immediately followed up with their national TV debut performance on G4TV’s Attack Of The Show on July 22nd. EBK will be performing two songs from the new album and G4 will be airing the music video for Make Yourself Useless.

To help promote the album Opulent has worked with director Matt Mays of Pathway Productions out of Indianapolis, IN to create a music video for EBK’s song Make Yourself Useless (Track #1 on the album) of which will be freely distributed over the internet. "We encourage people to download the video, make torrents, share it with friends, stick it on their websites etc. It’s all about spreading the word and giving fans something free they can use to help promote the album" says Jason.


Oasis CD Manufacturing and HostBaby Team Up to Provide Musician-Friendly Web Hosting

In a move sure to shake up and enliven the independent music landscape, Micah Solomon announced that Oasis CD Manufacturing has enlisted HostBaby, a division of CD Baby, to provide web hosting and "wizard"-based automated website design to independent musicians as the latest component of the renowned Oasis Tools of Promotion program.

"Affordable professional web design has long been a major challenge for independent musicians" states Micah Solomon, President and CEO of Oasis CD Manufacturing. An independent musician himself, Solomon has structured Oasis to be "the disc pressing company that offers more" by providing a wide range of marketing and promotional services to the musicians his company serves.

"HostBaby will revolutionize the way indies utilize the internet. Creating and maintaining a musician’s website will no longer be an expensive or difficult process–you don’t need a degree in computer science or web design. Stunningly user friendly, HostBaby is carefully designed to meet the special needs of a music site. I feel so strongly about this that I’m giving all our Oasis CD Manufacturing customers six months of this service so they can try it out for themselves."


Charlotte Songwriter Distributed To 70,000 French Magazine Subscribers

Music75, a French-based digital download service, has selected Charlotte songwriter Brian Hartzog to be featured on its first international MP3 compilation CD. The Music75 CD will be distributed in an upcoming issue of Internet Pratique magazine as part of Music75’s agreement to supply the magazine with a compilation CD of new music every month. Hartzog, like all the indie artists on the CD, will benefit from the added exposure, as Internet Pratique is distributed monthly to over 70,000 subscribers.

The first Music75 compilation CDs features artists from several countries, representing a variety of genres–from alternative rock to jazz to country to pop to trip-hop. Hartzog, who calls his sound "funk and roll", draws his music from the influences of classic rock (Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan) and funk (Prince, James Brown, and Parliament).

In addition to being included on the CD, Hartzog and his chosen song "Christmas in July" will be featured within the magazine, alongside links to his Music75 profile page. Readers who like his music can log onto Music75 and purchase any of his songs for 60 cents each.


In Good Faith Entertainment Forges Relationship With Mantra PR To Promote American Debut Of Dutch Band

Lance LaBreche, president of In Good Faith Entertainment (IGF) announced today that an agreement has been reached with Mantra Public Relations, a well-regarded New York-based publicity firm, to provide nationwide media services for Blues Brother Castro. The Dutch rock band, currently on IGF’s artist management roster, is scheduled to make its US debut at this year’s CMJ Convention, followed by a 20-city coast-to-coast tour.

LaBreche cites Mantra’s philosophy, approach, and history of success working with clients across a broad range of industries as the determining factors in IGF’s ultimate agency selection. Mantra will focus its efforts on national and regional monthly music & culture publications, as well as radio, television and print media in each of the tour cities. "Tour press is always so much fun when we have the opportunity to introduce a new band to the US market and we’re excited to team with IGF in this creative artist development process," says Gaye Carleton, president of Mantra. "We can’t wait to see the impact Blues Brother Castro will have on the new music scene here in the States."

Blues Brother Castro released its debut album, "Money Maker Me" on Rara Records (Holland) last summer, and has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent months, due in large part to its relentless European tour schedule. One such energetic performance garnered the band an invitation to participate at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, held annually in September in a variety of New York City venues. IGF saw this as the perfect opportunity to organize a tour that would introduce Blues Brother Castro to an American audience hungering for that innovative import sound and experience. Mantra will utilize its expertise to ensure that the band’s visibility is maximized throughout its visit.


Debbie Hennessey Included On CMT CD

Award winning artist Debbie Hennessey (NMW AC40 Female Artist of the Year) has been included on this year’s Country Music Today (CMT) New Music Collection 2005. This unique collection of new music by established and up-and-coming artists includes songs from Debbie Hennessey, Miranda Lambert, Deana Carter, Billy Dean, Sugarland, Shooter Jennings, Amy Dalley, The Grascals, and many more. There are 19 songs in all and CMT has produced 20,000 copies, which they will distribute mostly to subscribers. Each artist also received a page in the booklet where they were asked about how they got their start and which artists inspired them growing up. Debbie included the single from Rustic Heart, Midnight To Cinderella written by Paulette Miechle.

"This was an opportunity to bring the single to large number of people at once and I’m just thrilled about that," said Hennessey. CMT will begin shipping the cd to subscribers in the next month and listeners will be able to give their feedback on the songs at Country Music Today is part of the Country Music Television media family.

Debbie is also in the studio working on her second cd–release is scheduled for this fall. The new cd will include songs from some of the talented writers who were a part of her debut, Rustic Heart. Mark Luna contributes I Never Had A Prayer, When Two Become One, and Good As Gone. Sounds Like Rain is just one of the songs written by Hennessey, Sunny Hilden & John DePatie. Michelle Krell gives us First Song. That’s Some Kind of Love is from Renee Carly and Bob Dellaposta wrote Keep It To Yourself. Also included will be songs that Debbie and her band have been playing live over the last year or so that have become real fan favorites such as Every River & That’s A Lie (Kim Richey) and Walkin On A Wire (Lowen/Navarro/Boston). Rye Randa is once again producing and Frank Rosato of Woodcliff Studios is engineering.


Skope Magazine Summer Fest 2005

Skope LIVE, a subsidiary of SEI, announced that the next big LIVE event would be, Skope Summer Music Festival. Skope LIVE has joined forces with our good friend Shred & The Middle East in Cambridge, MA as the official venue. After recent successes with Skope’s 4th Birthday Party and Skope Spring Fling, this event is promising to continue the trend. Skope LIVE events are different than your average live event because the party never stops!

Skope Magazine Summer Music Festival

Thursday August 18th, 2005

Middle East UP

472 Mass. Ave

Cambridge, MA

8 pm, 18+, $10


Indefinite Article

Set Time: 12: 15 – 1:45 am


Parker House & Theory

Set Time: 11:30 ­ 12:15 am


Audible Mainframe

Set Time: 10:30 ­ 11:15 pm


Roger That

Set Time: 9:30 ­ 10:15 pm


4080 Music Group/Street Code Entertainment

Set Time: 8:30 ­ 9:15 pm


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