The Indie News Beat for the week of May 16, 2005

May 16, 2005 Edition

* DJ Jaspa Announces Residency At Club XOX
* Wow, You Hate What I Hate? You Must Be Cool!
* Northwest Artist Finds Success With Latest CD Release
* IAR: Showing Continued Support To Independent Artists
* USA Songwriting Competition On XM Memorial Day Weekend Radio Show
* Olive’s Hairy Custard And Masque Are Released By Topplers
* Karmyn Tyler Releases CD Of 1920’s And 1930’s Theatre And Film Musicals
* Indian Heavyhitters Rdb Collaborate With Elephant Man
* Bedrock’s Debut Artist Album – Pole Folder ‘Zero Gold’

DJ Jaspa Announces Residency At Club XOX

DJ Jaspa, one of Canada’s hottest underground DJ/producers announced his residency at Club XOX, formally The Viva Club in Richmond, just ten minutes from downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Jaspa, along with close friend Vaziran, will kick-off their residency with the launch of Heaven. Essence of White this Saturday, May 7, 2005. X-Treem TV will also be on location at XOX to film for their upcoming television show.

As a new member of the NCIAA, Jaspa’s music is gaining international attention with a recent feature on This comes after Jaspa, AKA Jason Hogg, has taken the Canadian trance scene by storm, appearing on Canadian television and on local and national radio stations. Jaspa’s music is also being heard by millions worldwide after licensing a number of songs to the Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball X-Box game. Jaspa belongs to the Global DJ Agency ( which hosts the likes of Darren Tate, Christopher Lawrence, Dave Holmes and many others.

Beginning May 7, DJ Jaspa and Vaziran can be heard every Saturday night at Club XOX located at 7920 Cambie Rd, Richmond B.C. For a limited time, people who wear white will receive free cover and a free HEAVEN Mix CD. This coming Saturday, will also be on location to launch their new energy drink along with the Extreme Bartending Team.


Wow, You Hate What I Hate? You Must Be Cool!

In its never ending search to help people discover new music and make new friends, GorillaPop has developed "Collaborative Filtering For Snobs"

Most web sites that recommend things to users are limited by A) only recommending products, and B) basing choices on what people have indicated they like. But GorillaPop believes people and music are more than just products, and with music, what someone hates says as much about them as what they like.

Users on GorillaPop are encouraged add links to their favorite songs and let people rate them. Of course, they have to go around rating everybody else’s songs too! (BTW – Artists are free to *upload* songs). After just one rating the Gorilla Fairie starts matching users w/ other people on the site who not only like the same music, but hate the same kind of music. In fact – the Gorilla Fairie even matches users who sort of like the same things. Of course, the more ratings, the better the matches!

GorillaPop can be used for dating, for finding friends, discovering new artists, (artists can also find new fans), or finding new music. Membership is FREE, and there is also a jingle referral service available for artists (also FREE).


Northwest Artist Finds Success With Latest CD Release

With a street date of May 3, Gary Paul Bryant‘s 6th release, Imaginary Piano, is already garnering accolades and airplay on more than fifty radio stations from around the world.

There’s nothing make-believe about the piano playing on Gary Paul Bryant’s latest album, Imaginary Piano. One track from the 10-song CD, Deliberate Love, reached number one on both the world and new-age charts on, a major music Web portal. Radio stations from Canada, Spain, France, Australia, India, Great Britain, Belgium and more than 25 stations in the U.S. have been regularly playing cuts from the CD.

"I wanted to do something different with a piano. This music is definitely not New-Age ambience, it’s not head-banging rock either," Bryant said. "I’m just trying to put some power and positive energy behind a few simple piano melodies."

His first solo effort, "Just a Word", released in 1979. Bryant has been performing and releasing a new CD every couple of years. Last year he released two instrumental CDs, "Take Home Music" and .


IAR: Showing Continued Support To Independent Artists

This week the popular indie music broadcaster, Indie Artist Radio, has released the first digital download store that actually pays the artist 100% of their download proceeds. Indie Artist Radio has evolved into more than a radio broadcaster with their continued growth and commitment to independent music worldwide.

Digital Downloads that benefit the artist 100% is just the latest addition to one of the fastest growing indie music broadcasters on the Internet. Digital Downloads followed the release of Indie Artist Radio’s artist development and promotions campaign that walks artists through the music industry by assisting in radio promotions, band goals and a bands "Business Plan" to keep bands focused on their long-term success strategy.

"I think that our digital download with 100% payouts to the artist is a natural fit for Indie Artist Radio. We never thought that our growth would be so rapid and we always planned on Indie Artist Radio being a place where music fans can hear great independent music, not just another money pit for artists. Offering a website that receives over 12,000 visits each day for artists to sell their music at 100% profit is just part of who we are." ~ C. LaGrone, VP.


USA Songwriting Competition On XM Memorial Day Weekend Radio Show

On Sunday, May 29, 2005, 4pm (eastern time USA), XM Radio [Channel: Unsigned : XM 52] will be airing the 2004 USA songwriting Competition Winning songs, featuring Patrice Pike, David Francey and many more.

Entries for the 10th Annual USA Songwriting Competition are currently being accepted. Winning songs of the 2005 USA Songwriting Competition will receive airplay on a nationally syndicated radio program "Acoustic Café" as well as XM Satellite Radio. This is the first Songwriting Competition that gives airplay to the winning songs, giving deserving bands, songwriters the recognition and exposure they deserve. Entrants stand to win a grand prize of over US$50,000 in cash, merchandise and exposure, making this the largest prize package for any annual songwriting competition. Many USA Songwriting Competition winners in the past have received recording and publishing contracts, as well as having their songs placed on film and television. Judges include record labels such as Warner and SONY Music.


Olive’s Hairy Custard And Masque Are Released By Topplers

Jowe Head from Swell Maps and the Television Personalities was one of the founding figures of the UK’s DIY punk explosion with a recording career now approaching thirty years! He has taken time off from promoting his new band ‘Angel Racing Food’ to look through his archive where he discovered this unreleased gem!

Olives Hairy Custard was a band formed by Jowe and the leading lights of Australias late nineties "Farm-Core" scene, Les Miserable and Garlon Hairmungus! They were joined on drums by Elliot P Smoke from Thrilled Skinny and played some wildly theatrical gigs in the UK and recorded an albums worth of material of which 4 tracks were released on Jowe’s Hollow Planet label as a 7" single in 1998. The music is a hybrid mix of imaginitive guitars and quirky, ever-changing rythms which sounds as fresh and uncompromising today as it did when recorded!

Masque are a band from Glasgow who are creating a stir on the underground scene. Their music is dark electronica but with a twisted, and very Scottish, sense of humour which caused one reviewer to describe them as "post-Ministry electro-industrial synth sounds sung by the Proclaimers on crack".


Karmyn Tyler Releases CD Of 1920’s And 1930’s Theatre And Film Musicals

Wanting to revive 1930’s music, Karmyn’s beautiful and powerful voice showcased her newly released CD entitled "Karmyn Tyler" at the Perot Theatre in Texarkana, Texas on November 20 to an audience of over 1200. The show was more than a concert; it was a Broadway road show! The crowd was wowed by her as she took off her trench coat during the dance number "Big Time" to reveal a 20’s black velvet dress with black lace from a slanted hemline and diamonds around her neck. As she said the words "my name in lights above the tile" a big 11 1/2 foot by 4 foot marquee sign dropped flashing with her name spelled out in the middle of the sign. It was absolutely breath taking. Another favorite was a unique arrangement of "Summertime" in which Karmyn wore a black and white Lillie Rubin vintage accordion pleated dress.

Karmyn’s Unique Voice will pull you into the song. Never has a vocalist had such voice control with emotions. Karmyn’s hometown calls her Texarkana’s Sweetheart!

Karmyn is a former Miss Louisiana and talent winner at Miss America. She is a professional actress/singer and a member of Hollywood chapter of Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity Association. She has done several national commercials and co-starred in the movie Alabama Love Story with country music artist Mark Colley.


Indian Heavyhitters Rdb Collaborate With Elephant Man

Indian super group RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass) collaborates with Elephant Man on "ISHQ NAAG (Love Bites)" for the album BHood under Bollyhood Records. Produced and performed by RDB, ISHQ NAAG is already gaining critical acclaim for its unique sound, which is nothing ever heard before.

The club track, a mix of Indian, Dancehall & Hip-Hop, is the first crossover effort for the award winning production team RDB although they have been at the top of the South Asian global scene for over four years, and have sold more than 150,000 copies of their independent albums. A group of three brothers, RDB continue to DJ at sold out shows from New York’s Webster Hall to countries such as India, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and more. The South Asian market is now estimated at over 5 billion people worldwide.

BHood? The Album is the first ever album which allows Asian and Urban artists to work together. RDB also collaborate with Luniz rapper YUKMOUTH & upcoming MC Saj Supreme on a remix of their Punjabi street hit ‘Hor Glassy’. They also lend their production and performing talents for an original banger ‘Under Attack’ with 4-IZE from the DTP camp. The album is set to drop independently in June on the Bollyhood Records website.


Bedrock’s Debut Artist Album – Pole Folder ‘Zero Gold’

John Digweed is proud to introduce the first artist album ever on the revered dance music label Bedrock Records – Pole Folder ‘Zero Gold’. This album has been a long time in the coming and after two years in the studio, the wait is finally over. Pole Folder ‘Zero Gold’ straddles the line between a cinematic soundscape and the heady exploration of the sonic atmosphere. The melancholic lyrics are sung beautifully throughout by guest vocalists Kirsty Hawkshaw (who is well-known for her previous work with BT, Hybrid & Orbital), Shelley Harland (Junkie XL, Ferry Corsten) and Belgian songstress Sandra Ferretti.

"Pole Folder is one of the most consistent and talented producers I’ve heard over the years. As far as the first ever artist album on Bedrock goes, he was the natural choice as there’s been a link since we signed ‘Apollo Vibes’ after opening my GU: Los Angeles album with it, right through ‘Dust’ on MMII to the outstanding production you’ll hear here.

Pole Folder is a true musician, having played the trumpet and guitar since the age of 5, before learning the art of composition and performing in a symphony orchestra. After playing in rock bands, writing songs & touring in his native Belgium, Pole Folder discovered electronic dance music and the sounds of John Digweed & Sasha. His first release ‘Apollo Vibe’ debuted on Bedrock Records in 2001. It was a track conceived around space echoes and a strange collaboration of sounds which was immediately included on John Digweed’s Global Underground 019 : Los Angeles. Since then Pole Folder has followed up with ‘Enter the Rhythm’, ‘Waxxx’ and ‘Dust’ subsequently included on John’s MMII album.


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